z-distribution and other distribution table on level 1 exam?

Hi, I’m new and taking level 1 exam on December. My question is: Will the distribution tables (z-value, F-value, t-value) be given on the exam day? or do I have to calculate those values manually?

You probably will have to calculate the test statistics. However, excerpts from the relevant table are given if you’re required to determine critical values.

You should know 1.65 and 1.96 though.

I haven’t done any exam yet but in textbook they say that those tables won’t be provided and values will be provided if needed. I would suggest you know the following values of alpha though: 1%, 5%, 10% for both 1-tailed and 2-tailed tests from z-distribution. An easy way to remember those of 5% and 1% is the empirical rule (95% of data within 2 std and 99% of data within 3 std)

better learn the relevant numbers, e.g. the 0.95, the 0.975, and the 0.9 of the z-statistic. the values needed, though, will be given. Daniel Lambert