Hi all, Have any of you guys seen or heard of this Z- value formula? I know the simple formula is z= (x-ì)/ó. But I’ve found this more complicated one. Can any of you explain this to me? z= ((n/2)-m)/sqrt(m*(1-m)/(s+2)) s: number of sample data m: (p-1)/(s-1) p: confidence interval value n: Total P/L value

I have not, yet, seen your second formula. In which context did you find it? Can you reference the source?

Sorry for the late reply. But i found out that the formula above is a part of “Kernel smoothing” formula. Can anybody give a detailed information on Kernel smoothing? Thanks a bunch.

stick with z= (x-ì)/ó. Kernel smoothing appears to be an over kill and beyond scope, based on my knowledge so far.