Will I hav to be able to rad a z-statistic table or t-Table for the exam? If so, Does any more have a quick tutorial?

Yes you will.

I trust that your reading ability is better than your spelling.

If reading a table is giving you trouble, then maybe you should stop now, before you get to swap valuation and accounting for pension plans.

LOL, you always bringing people down. I’m not sure if you trolling or just giving accurate and well supported advices.

Hi mate,

Don’t worry about a Z-table giving you trouble. Can be #mastered in 15 min or less…Check the link out below for a Youtube Video that should get you up and running:


As for those “challenging topics” there is a reason you have a curriculum to learn from - so you stop only if you want to and not because anyone else thinks you should !!

All the best !!