Zelda - Second Quest

Anybody ever beat it?

I think I’m going to try it—some 33 years after playing the first quest.

Second quest? Like majoras mask? I’m still playing all of them. Literally the Wii U let’s me play any of them. Including breathe of the wild.

You mean the Adventures of Link? If so, we’ve discussed this. I said it’s one of the hardest games ever and nearly impossible to beat and you said you beat it in something like 35 minutes. I called BS and said there’s no way you could have done it without cheating and you admitted to using Nintendo Power (or something similar) as a walkthrough. I would be interested to know if you could beat it now with no help. My money is on no.

All that aside, The Adventures of Link was okay…but I’m a much bigger fan of A Link to the Past and OoT (the latter being a legit classic).

Battle Toads or hacksaw.

No, no, no. I’m talking about the second quest in the original Legend of Zelda. Not the NES game The Adventures of Link (which I own, but have never played).

And yes–back in the day, I could beat A Link to the Past in less than two hours.

To this day, I have only played two Legend of Zelda games.

Yes I can. I just beat it over Spring Break. All from memory. And I got all the heart pieces and the Cane and the Cape and everything.

This thread is very confusing. What’s the second quest in the original Zelda? You mean the second dungeon? Yeah, that’s pretty easy.

We had definitely discussed The Adventures of Link (the second Zelda game) as one of the hardest games ever and you said you beat it. A Link to the Past (SNES, third Zelda game) was awesome but not extremely difficult.

You say you have The Adventures of Link but never played it having only played Zelda and A Link to the Past. But right after in your next comment you say you just beat The Adventures of Link (unless you misinterpreted my comment).

To sum up, the original Zelda was awesome but not hard so I’m sure you could beat all the dungeons fairly easily, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about because I’ve never heard them referred to as “quests.” There’s no way on your god’s green earth you could beat The Adventures of Link without cheating.

Oh, and I’m better at Tyson’s Punch Out than you, so there.

Not true. And if I go to the Mariner Wealth Advisor’s conference in Overland Park from Mar 13-15, I will prove it to you.

I have played the original Legend of Zelda many times. And after you beat the first quest, then you get a second quest. Alternatively, you can type in the name “Zelda” as your name, and you can skip straight to the second quest.

I have never ever played The Adventures of Link. I own the NES cartridge, but I have never played it. (I bought it later in life after I had grown up and haven’t played it.)

I can (and recently did) beat A Link To The Past. I usetacould beat it in two hours, but those times are long gone.

What kind of hacksaw doesn’t know about the second quest? On the first Zelda, you beat it once and then you can play it again on the second quest. They move around the dungeons and make it a little harder.

Holy balls. I had no idea that existed. That’s pretty advanced for one of the first NES games.

My NES is hooked up and I have the golden cartridge right next to it. May have to fire it up this weekend.

Sir, any credibility you might have ever had is now lost forever.

I understand nothing in this thread but came to the same conclusion hahha