Zim, 3_Letters, Houston, Pink And other Repeaters

Good luck to you guys this last week. I don’t know anyone personally of course, so I have no idea how much anyone has studied or not, but under the assumption that everyone learned from last year and put in the necessary work, I wish you guys the best of luck. Failing one of these tests really sucks and no solace can be taken from the low pass rate or questionable vignettes. I genuinely hope everyone bounces back this year and passes. I know for myself, it would be very, very difficult to justify studying a third time. Seriously, with as much sincerity as I’ve said almost anything, good luck.

Good luck to you as well. I truly hope everyone does well.

you forgot Turkish!!!

Dammit!!! And Turkish obviously!!!

and me

and me :slight_smile: but that’s ok - I wasn’t around AF much last year - so I forgive you… I hope we all do well too - seriously a third time…just the thought makes me shudderrrrrrr

I just searched the first two pages of the forum to remind myself of names. I must’ve passed over you mumu, but we spoke plenty last year. Obviously my heartfelt good luck wishes apply to you as well.

Add me to the list. Best of luck to all.

Thanks Caspian. Good luck to all of you guys as well!!

Thanks, everyone and especially Caspian for remembering this. Is still wonder whatever happened to Crablegs…

Dammit again!!! And you eleven!!! Forget it. I suck at this!

“Dammit!!! And Turkish obviously!!!” Thanks! Everyone mentioned will be moving over to Level III this year…I can feel it. If I can just figure out this time series thing…

What did happen to Crablegs? I wonder if he signed up for the exam. Thanks for the nice words Caspian

Im hoping to score a bit of Karma to offset the homeless man I shanked this morning for no good reason.

I bet he was a level one candidate… Thanks Casp…but if I don’t get it this year, I’m done. I love you all.

“Thanks Casp…but if I don’t get it this year, I’m done.” Ditto…