Zimbabwe's Inflation

11.2 million percent. How is that even possible? I’m not even joking. How is that PHYSICALLY possible.

Oh farley, where art thou? New business idea: selling wheelbarrows to payroll departments in zimbabwe.

the currency notes in zimbabwe come with an expiry date.thats really cool.

Maybe Dispatch should reunite the band again.

This is really a sad situation when I think about it. It comes down to a country that is trying to be a purely protein based food chain. With the forced reclamation of farms (one of the larger industries in the country) and the fact that the new owners are not actually farming anything - this has lead to a point where no new wealth is being generated so the government as far as I know tried to solve the problem by just printing more money in a very aggressive way (in an attempt to appease the masses). A really sad case of a country eating itself because they are not creating anything else to sedate their appetites.