Zipper ties—ever appropriate?

No, not the things you use to keep computer cables together. The things you wear around your neck. Are they substantially better or worse than a clip-on?

(Note - I edited the title for clarity. Changed from “zip” tie to “zipper” tie.)

Are we still comparing to strap-ons as well???

Going to need you to explain this one. . . hombre.

See Nerdy’s thread asking if clip on ties are ever appropriate. :broken_heart:

I still need the explanation. I thought this was going to be a satire thread about January 6th.

Well, zip ties are fundamentally different from clip-ons. Hence the question.

I would rank a person with a zip tie several levels below a person with a clip on tie, after watching that video.

Ties suck except maybe for some really fancy cocktail party on Lake Como or equivalent and/or a wedding. Even then, they still suck and only look interesting in photos.

As such, regular, clip-on, zip-on, tape-on, etc… go for it.

that looks tight

broskiss forgivenessss. i got an italian to teach me. we bucca di beppo?

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Well it’s also adjustable.