Zuckerberg: "now is a great time to double down on FB shares" lol

Speaking at TechCrunch right now.

And he dared pull that line. Double down. I hope this is the death knell.

Stock is approaching 20 though again. now trailing back below after that comment.

Just like the Netflix CEO telling the shorts to cover on their conference call a couple quarters ago. Oops.

Trading at 20.30 afterhours… maybe gap up in the am, but reading the transcript of what he’s saying, nothing significant, just broad strokes… this has gotta be ‘retail’ buying aftehours.

I"m screwed anyways, I need 16.78 to breakeven by Sep 21.

He also mentioned he likes being the underdog.

i hope the stock goes up…

No need… it’s trading pre-market 20.85

no, i mean way up…like gettinig their $100 billion valuation…

What positions do you have on it? Or did you just buy on IPO day?

@Frank - can I ask why you want the stock to go up? Just curious.

i don’t hold any positions in FB…