Zurich (Switzerland) L3 2014

Study group L3 2014 in Zurich, Zug or Baar (all in Switzerland)

weekdays evenings,

weekends afternoon or evening.

I use the CFA curriculum, so would prefer study group members to use the same.

no beginners pls, i.e. people who have started to study after January would not fit into the group…

anyone interested? If yes, I will email you my contact details.

goal is to strenghten the mastery of the material and help to memorize the numerous qualitative concepts, GIPS, etc.

Good luck and lots of success!


I am from Zurich. Unlike you I prefer to refer Schweser material and then jump to curriculum. If you like I can join you for study group.

You can join the forum at www.edupristine.com . It will of great help to you . You will find like minded members on this forum.