I think I’m burntout. I often catch myself daydreaming or zoning out while working on a problem or reviewing material. I waste huge amounts of time in the library doing that.

I think it’s because I’ve gone through the material a few times, so my brain is bored even though I definitely don’t know the material well enough to pass.

I’m thinking about getting some exercise today to see if it helps. Or drinking coffee. Or studying at home so I can talk myself through problems (I’m getting desperate)

Anyone else facing this problem? Have you found anything that helps?

This is why it’s important to focus on quality vs quantity IMO. I don’t know if I’ll pass this first attempt, since I got derailed and didn’t study any in the month of April (finished reading in March and life got in the way). So I’m behind where I’d like to be. But you can’t study 20 hours a day effectively lol

Just focus on exposing yourself to a topic, take time away from it, then come back to it later. That’s what research has found improves long term memory. That and taking practice tests.

ahh shit man… I’m dying here. Burning the f-out!

This forum gets me down…people hitting up 70,80,90% and shizzile. I’ve put in soo much time and effort into this…

But then, we only have a very short amount of time left!! We’ve been at it since Jan! Everyday we’ve been working hard. It’s only a 8days left…

We can do it!!x