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CAIA Topics List

One of my favorite features of the new site is the ability to “tag” topics using one of the CAIA topics. For example, if you post a topic on ethics you can select Topic 1: Professional Standards and Ethics so that your topic will show up in the filter for that topic. This will allow you and other members of AF to quickly access posts for a specific CAIA topic. To tag a new post with a CAIA topic, simply choose that topic from the Filed Under categories above the Save button on the new forum post page.

I’ve filed this post under Topic 1: Professional Standards and Ethics to use as an example. You can see the Filed Under link on the right side of the page for easy access to all other posts related to this topic.

To access posts by a specific CAIA topic, please use the following links:

Level I Topics

Level II Topics

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Very nice!!

wow! Super nice!

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