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Level II Exam Mar 2019 - how did it go??

Hi everyone, now that the exam window is finished, how did you all find the exam? And your new found freedom!

I found the CAIA workbook so useful for this exam, although it was quite loaded with detail and a hell of a lot of equations that never came up on the day, I felt generally ok when I finished the exam (compared to how bad I thought level I was) however, you just never know do you…

Anyone else have a real rollercoaster with the ethics cases at the end?!

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being free again feels great ;).

I really can’t say, whether my exam went down well or bad (but was the same case for level I). I have a rather good feeling for MC, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything. Regarding the E&S questions in part II, I have quite a good feeling. On the remaining topics, whereby I didn’t perform that well on one, but have a quite good feeling on the third one. I hope I haven’t screwed up that much and that it was enough to pass

How did it work out for you?


Edit: pleased with MC section over all and with the CIT case I was given. Found Kaplan’s summary of these CIT articles really helpful in making notes around them.

Remember not to disclose exam details. This is a violation. 

I felt like MC was good representation of practice material. A few tricky questions and a few I had to outright guess but I walked out of the first half feeling pretty good. 

I got hosed on the essays. Probably my least favorite and weakest topics. Just got unlucky on that front. I’m sure I’ll have to retake in September. 

I felt the exam was hard. Anybody know when the results will be released? I am guessing 29th will be the day! Good luck everyone!

matt6558 - I’m betting on the 29th as well.  Looking at past discussions on the forum here, it looks like around April 29/30th are the usual release dates (unfortunately, it always seems to be in that last week).  The wait is excruciating…can’t come fast enough…