Level II Exam Mar 2019 - how did it go??

Hi everyone, now that the exam window is finished, how did you all find the exam? And your new found freedom!

I found the CAIA workbook so useful for this exam, although it was quite loaded with detail and a hell of a lot of equations that never came up on the day, I felt generally ok when I finished the exam (compared to how bad I thought level I was) however, you just never know do you…

Anyone else have a real rollercoaster with the ethics cases at the end?!


being free again feels great ;).

I really can’t say, whether my exam went down well or bad (but was the same case for level I). I have a rather good feeling for MC, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything. Regarding the E&S questions in part II, I have quite a good feeling. On the remaining topics, whereby I didn’t perform that well on one, but have a quite good feeling on the third one. I hope I haven’t screwed up that much and that it was enough to pass

How did it work out for you?


Edit: pleased with MC section over all and with the CIT case I was given. Found Kaplan’s summary of these CIT articles really helpful in making notes around them.

Remember not to disclose exam details. This is a violation.

I felt like MC was good representation of practice material. A few tricky questions and a few I had to outright guess but I walked out of the first half feeling pretty good.

I got hosed on the essays. Probably my least favorite and weakest topics. Just got unlucky on that front. I’m sure I’ll have to retake in September.

I felt the exam was hard. Anybody know when the results will be released? I am guessing 29th will be the day! Good luck everyone!

matt6558 - I’m betting on the 29th as well. Looking at past discussions on the forum here, it looks like around April 29/30th are the usual release dates (unfortunately, it always seems to be in that last week). The wait is excruciating…can’t come fast enough…

There were some questions on there that I felt I had never ever seen before and had no idea what the answer was. I will say that I wish I had used the Uppermark package. The lecturer in the Kaplan CAIA II package is terrible. Did nothing more than read slides to us for 9 weeks and offered no added dimension to the material.

Hi, is anyone taking CAIA LEVEL 1 exam in September 2019? If so please reach me on infocfast@gmail.com so we can connect and discuss together and be in a better position to pass the exam!

Anyone besides me irritated by the e-mail that went out from Wiley last week with the headline “CAIA Level II Results Have Been Released.” ?!? It was an ad offering a 30% discount for their program if you didn’t pass. My heart jumped into my throat, and I anxiously logged in to see if results were posted. Obviously, they were not. Just an attention grabbing headline to get you to look at their e-mail. Frustrating!!

^wiley did that?! Someone in their marketing department has a sick sense of humor

Is next Monday 4/29 the day for result release??

What kind of question is that? How are we supposed to know?

I think that results are published Monday 6th of May; i might be wrong.

Don’t think so, since upcoming week is week 6, and institute says results are released within six weeks after exam period (ended March 22nd). So should be next Friday at the latest, hopefully.

I doubt results will be published on Monday.

Going by past release days, I reckon mid tomorrow afternoon (in the UK, so late morning in CAIA’s home state? My friends who did LI received theirs quite early in the afternoon UK time on the Tuesday of the results week and I believe same happened for the previous L2 cycle! Good luck everyone

From what I saw about past release dates, I think it would be later today or tomorrow. I think they still may release it today before 11am EST.

Results are about to be released!! Good luck!!

I think it’s coming now… the site wording has changed to “You are eligible to become a CAIA Member. Click here for more information.”