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Water Cooler

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New WC Moderator: Sweep The Leg AnalystForum 279 Sweep the Leg4 months ago
Message Board Rules AnalystForum 39 igor5552 years ago
Why do girls wake up one day... Older gents, please explain something to me CEO10K-DAY 15 hpracing00723 min ago
Migrant Caravan hpracing007 7 Black Swan1 hour ago
Alex Jones and Turd finally meet Pepper 2 brain_wash_your_face2 hours ago
What things have you bought that were more useful than you thought? ohai 40 Sweep the Leg3 hours ago
I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was! Who are high ROI immigrants? Nerdyblop 6 ohai3 hours ago
Water Cooler's most faceless NPCs? purealpha 14 Sweep the Leg4 hours ago
Anybody got a proven jet-lag avoidance strategy for long haul flights? Malee 21 TrackSuitInvestor7 hours ago
MAGA GuyOnABuffalo 1,803 hpracing00710 hours ago
Industry Terms You Can't Stand Destroyer of Worlds 235 Destroyer of Worlds18 hours ago
Weather in NYC and other things pokhim 14 breadmaker1 day ago
The world better prepare for when I'm a billionaire! Lotto at $1b! What would you do! Nerdyblop 35 Nerdyblop1 day ago
Ryanair racist tirade ohai 1 Black Swan1 day ago
Wealth inequality - Why your race matters! let us discuss! Nerdyblop Nerdyblop1 day ago
"Conservatives are using identity politics to destroy liberalism from within" ohai 50 Malee1 day ago
Mixed Martial Arts GIFs frankybarnes 59 hpracing0071 day ago
Immigration Canada vs States StreetFighter 26 Black Swan1 day ago
Elizabeth Warren confirms... analystdude 95 purealpha2 days ago
YouTube down... will someone woke tell me what’s going on? hpracing007 2 purealpha2 days ago
Wait, what?! Iprofit4sure 5 rawraw2 days ago
Halloween brain_wash_your_face 10 Matt Likes Analysis4 days ago
eSports.. pokhim 33 Sweep the Leg4 days ago
Mods, time to ban Oliver comp_sci_kid 3 Sweep the Leg4 days ago
Wow, JLD as best sitcom actor ever? Malee 18 Sweep the Leg4 days ago