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Water Cooler

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Message Board Rules AnalystForum 39 igor5551 year ago
Funny situation, need help SamCryBaby 13 Isaiah_53_537 min ago
within 20 years, automation could take the place of >$5 trillion in labor birdman12345 57 Destroyer of Worlds1 hour ago
Riddle #2 birdman12345 105 Mobius Strip3 hours ago
If Anthony Weiner had any pride left, he would retire... (may be NSWF) klaudnine 15 birdman123454 hours ago
Music I'm listening to. soddy1979 1,120 Isaiah_53_55 hours ago
Legion GuyOnABuffalo 3 Sweep the Leg7 hours ago
Chappelle GuyOnABuffalo 36 Yayyywork7 hours ago
Triggered GuyOnABuffalo 3 Dpack269 hours ago
which is harder to pass? cutting corporating taxes or cutting health care benefits? Neryblop 6 LBriscoe10 hours ago
Other Favourite Investment Forums capaldij 16 Neryblop12 hours ago
GP Equity Turd Fergeson 11 Isaiah_53_513 hours ago
Repeal & Replace - American Health Care Act igor555 87 king_kong13 hours ago
New Rule: posting on health/fitness Turd Fergeson 206 whatsyourgovt15 hours ago
Terrible, Really Awful frankybarnes 14 Carson16 hours ago
The 50 shades phenomenon proves the failure of feminism former trader 32 Carson16 hours ago
ECA for CFA (Canadian Immigration) cfalogist cfalogist17 hours ago
AF name game igor555 74 whatsyourgovt1 day ago
. SamCryBaby 3 breadmaker1 day ago
Violence is Coming Turd Fergeson 188 birdman123452 days ago
Have you planted any trees ? SamCryBaby 10 frisian2 days ago
Female tattoos Greenman72 97 igor5553 days ago
Don the Con Eases Russian Sanctions frankybarnes 20 Yayyywork3 days ago
Costa Rica Yayyywork 42 Yayyywork3 days ago
MAGA GuyOnABuffalo 269 Yayyywork3 days ago