NFL Thread

Sam Bradford out for the season with an ACL tear.

Poor guy, this was going to be his breakout year, and his career is probably over now as he has two years without football.

In other news, Rams reportedly interested in Mark Sanchez.

^ Instead of picking up Mark Sanchez and finishing 4-12, it’s better to finish 1-15 and get the 1st overall pick.

I hate the nfl preseason for this very reason. It should only be two games.

It’s good that as a forum we are collectively moving on to discussions about a real sport (NFL) and away from a crappy sport (soccer). Thank you for that.

In other news, the Seahawks are going to dominate everyone again this year and if you root for another team you should give up hope now and spare yourself the emotional anguish.

His injury could have happen in the 1st pre season game

This is true. But more games= greater chance of injury. Look at it this way. Each team plays a minimum of 20 games a year. 4 preseason and 16 season. 20% of a team’s games are meaningless. For a sport that has such a high injury rate, that’s way too high.

shaun hill will finish in the top 15 in fantasy. you read it here first

i watched rg3 last nite, dude seems to have lost it mentally. i think he is 100% physcially


And that’s the only place we’ll read it, ever.

How do you think this will change the STL Rams DEF for Fantasy? They looked like a top one, but if the offense struggles and they have to play more might not turn out that great.

Anyone have any bets/wagers going? I got:

4:1 odds that Lions win the NFC North

4:1 odds that Niners reach the Superbowl (don’t have to win)

20:1 odds that Panthers reach the Superbowl (don’t have to win)

80:1 odds that Bears are the worst team in the NFL

Lions are a turn around story with good assets (gun-slinging QB, best WR along with quality RB/WRs and mediocre defense) and a new HC that has a track record of coming in and winning quickly.

Niners are the favorite IMO and I don’t see any NFC team beating them in the playoffs.

Panthers are under-rated but this probably isn’t their year. I’ll make this bet again next year.

Bears are over-rated every single year. Their offensive line is terrible and Jay Cutler is yawning/sleeping half the time on the sidelines.

Clemens did really well last year, and Hill is supposedly an upgrade, they’ve upgraded the running backs with Zac Stacy and probably Tre Mason expected to start plus the defensive line is going to be utterly dominant. I think they could make the playoffs this year. Cornerbacks are a major concern.

Ummm…I need someone to explain this one to me.

Bears worst team in NFL? I find that hard with the weapons they have. Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey would start on almost every team.

^ picking up santonio Holmes was a good move.

I would also add that Marc Trestman is one of the greatest offensive minds in the game.

Playoffs?! Playoffs?! (in Jim Mora’s voice).

Given they are in the same division as the Seahawks and 49ers, they will have to be better than every other 2nd place team in the NFC. The other wildcard will most likely be coming from the NFC South.

^They’ll also have to be better than the Cardinals, who were probably the best team that didn’t make the playoffs last year.

^ I agree. I was going to mention that the Rams have a good shot of finishing last in their division.

In other news, the 'Boys might go 7-9 and win their division.