2 hr break between sessions...plans?

just wondering… we’ve got 2 hour break between the AM and PM sessions… whats everyones plan?? cram some more study in? relax? take a nap?

Probably just relax so my brain can focus for another 3 hours =)

do you think its feasible to ‘guess’ what will be in the PM exam…as in, if it wasnt in the AM exam, it will most likely be in the PM? im just thinking if it will be worth it to bring all my books to exam day with me (or am i just worrying too much?)

I just wonder what time we have to resume to the exam venue for the second session? The ticket reads “You must report to the test center one hour before each session”. The first session is 9-12. I believe by the time they collect the answer sheets and release us, it would be around 12:15 earliest. We’re assumed to be there again at 1pm. That means we have only 45 minutes, not enough for doing anything, even for a lunch because I expect there would be a long queue for some restaurants nearby the exam venue also. However, just share with you some of my personal thoughts. If time permits, I plan to go for a short hair wash to refresh my brain after my lunch. :))

hmmm that sounds nice… a haircut,shampoo, massage…my brain could use a bit of that =) but yeh, good point about the timing…2 horus might not be that much at all…

4700 candidates sitting in NYC. U can imagine the lunch lines…

good point…maybe i should bring something to eat…

When I wrote the L1 for the first time in June, I came early, parked my car just a five minute walk away from the test center and had plenty of food, water and books with me. My plan was to get a good rest before the second half started and, if necessary, look up a few things in the books. I still think this will be the best use of the little time we have in between and come next Saturday, I will be sitting in my car, have lunch and try to settle down a bit. Depends, but I don#t think books were a good idea. It was warm and I had my windows down. While eating my sandwiches, I realized that I had parked right next to a garbage can and bees started come flying at me. I closed my windows and in less than five minutes, I sweat like I was sitting in a finnish sauna. Even the cheese on my sandwiches melted and the water was pee-warm. That will not happen again in December. With the books, however, I had no luck either. Nervously I browsed through the pages, thinking I might find something that could help me in the second half. Fact is, I found too much I would have liked to bring back into the test center and my nervousness probably increased significantly because of this stupid browsing. I couldn’t even focus to make use of even one single paragraph I actully managed to read. Unsurprisingly, I will compete with you guys again this very next Saturday. With the same plan for the break, except for the books. No books this time. Not for me.

Whats the worst that can happen while we have the 2 hours break? I bet no one will want to fall asleep in his car.

definitely recommend carrying own food and water for the break, and not wait on the lunch lines. Another thing, once you go past the 2.5 hour mark on any session, you can leave only after the proctors have collected, collated and determined that every page on every book is present. In the June exam esp. with all L1, L2 and L3 happening simultaneously – this took a good half hour. So you are looking at getting out by 12:30 and you have gotta come back in by 1:00 PM. Another thing you might definitely want to “adjust” your schedule for. CP

i’m gonna find a quiet place to replenish/rehydrate, go over the quicksheet once, and pray. if i don’t know my sh** by then, i wont know it in the 30/60 minutes i’ll get in the 2 hr. break.

When I wrote Level I in June the am session was so easy that I walked across the street to a bar and threw back a couple of pints. Knowing how much harder the pm session was, I wouldn’t have done that (in retrospect). However, you don’t need to be there “an hour” before the test (for the pm; for the am, take no chances).

^ That was totally stupid. So on LIII, I went to lunch with a bunch of people and met this woman who I went on a couple of dates with…

skillionaire - pass/fail?

Yea, I plan on following skillionaire’s shoes. I’m going to go take a few shots of tequila, maybe do a couple of lines of coke, and get a hooker for a quick bj while I’m eating a subway sandwich. Get nice and relaxed…

^hilarious I’m going to wear my favorite sweatshirt (with my varitek red sox shirt underneith that I purchased back in 04…I LOVE living in NY), my favorite jeans, and my extremely comfortable old dirty running shoes. I’m not going to shave, will bring only a calculator, pencils, ticket, ID’s, credit card, a $20, maybe earplugs?..NO BOOKS…hmm, this sounds like I’m going to a college final…I love it! :slight_smile: I will try and take a quick walk to the hudson, let my mind relax a little, hopefully it won’t be too cold outside! maybe grab a powerbar or two…

I’ll probably grab some to-go-lunch and sit besides Hudson river [provided it’s not snowing outside] and review the formulas, whilst gulping my lunch. - Dinesh S

I’m going to listen to my ipod and relax. Focusing for 6 hours is hard enough. Why complicate it by studying during the break

Have a nice poo. Clears the mind.

I never understood people studying before the exam and/or during the break. It’s a long test and you need all the mind power available to you. I don’t see how the benefit exceeds the cost of doing this.