2 Pac vs Biggie

Curious where AFers stand on this issue. I’m going to have to place a check for Pac.



Tupac for me

better lyricist-BIG influence and contributions to hip-hop music-Tupac

Copout - Wake2000

JensensalphaMale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Copout - Wake2000 like em both braah, cant pick one

^ I hear you. I had more Tupac CDs when I was younger. Over time I grew a deeper appreciation for Biggie.


none of these posers can stand up to Vanilla Ice. just think of “Ninja Rap”

I’m with wake2000. Biggie had way better flows and much more developed lyrics. He’s from Brooklyn and NY is the mecca of hip hop. However, the impact that 2Pac had, his delivery, his style, his LARGE volume of work, etc. is undeniably important. Since I’m a west coaster, 2Pac.

fine… what about bone thugs man!?!



biggie, but not by much.

norah jones

Biggie…but barely.

east coaster but tupac… just had a million songs it seems like

BiggieBiggieBiggie by a mile in my opinion. I like Pac too, but I just think Biggie was so far ahead of everyone else.