2 weeks - panic or pumped?

I’d say I am 30% panic - 70% pumped

How are other people?

Active panic weight

depends on the day, but mostly pumped.

even on panic day I’d say I’m still over 50% pumped! looking forward to getting this thing behind me.

I am rejecting the Null hypothesis of being pumped.

I am pumped! Pass or fail my summer starts June 3rd and this test is over with!!! (hopefully forever)

80% pumped, 20% panic. Trying to not let myself think what it would be like to no longer study for the CFA…

At this point in the game it’s good to have a healthy dose of panic

AM section - panic

PM section - pumped

I’m hoping my mid 50s and mid 70s scores will average out to the MPS

Panic, so much to do, but no motivation… feel burned!

Just ready to be done. Pretty confident in my ability to pass, but that varies day by day…

How bout schizophrenic? One minute im pumped, the next I start having panic attacks that I cant remember things I should know (like performance attribution, which I will have to do again tonight).

Well said! I feel the same way. Just looking forward to not having to study on 6/3.

…min errors in PM, max points in AM.

tired more than anything.

tired… hoping to score well in AM because im not confident about ethics/GIPS … around 18 mcs … which is a lot…

10% excited … 90% freaking out. Im only 10% excited cause i want to get done with this…

I wanna long a panick derivatives to hedge the risk. Expiration date 6/3. 1 contract will be fine.

Crawling towards the finish line. Big 2 weeks ahead! Then hopefully it is over for good. Got to get my study on, another 50 hours to hit 300 hours. Pretty pumped!