2008 study group wanted

Hey guys, Is anyone interested in exchanging email addy’s with a few people to share ideas, questions, problems, notes and etc???

Yes I am interested , my email dakshinabalu@gmail.com, I registered June 2008 Level I

That would be helpful. I am June 2008 in Minnesota. my email is tjvedder@gmail.com

Hey!! June 2008 Level 1 Toronto- my email is shreya4848@gmail.com Hope to hear from you guys- need all the help I can get!! Shreya.

Hi from Mississauga… I can be contacted at wayneblackman@rogers.com

what level?

HI, June 2008 Level 1, I’m from Beijing China. Hope to discuss with you guys. dongli.r@gmail.com

June 2008 - level 1 Toronto/Mississauga sabeen.saeed [at] gmail

hye there, i would love to join the group iamjeannie@gmail.com anyone have the JUNE 2008 study guide ? pdf ?

Hi, I’d like to join as well. Lindsey.Glode@gmail.com Thanks.

Hello,there. Please add me in. julie.cfastudy@gmail.com.Appreciate!

L1 June 2008. Dubai UAE. It will be great to be part of the group. I can also be reached on cfa_antab@yahoo.com

I’m interested in participating in an online/email study group. Please add my email address to the list. cfacandidate2008@bellsouth.net

Hi All, I am signed up for June 2008 Level I. Please, put me on the group discussion list also. Currently based out of NYC. my email # jeet02@hotmail.com Thanks Jeet

Hi all, June 2008 Level 1 Chicago here, look forward to working with you all!

hi Guys i would be interested in joining this study group. my e-mail is xylon.kwan@gmail.com. I’m looking for group to bounce questions off of. Could you guys added me to the e-mail conversation.

Hi there; Please add me in - registered June 2008 Level 1 in Toronto. Email is sf.1971@hotmail.com

June 2008 - level 1 Chicago kevrene@gmail.com

Iam interested in this too…registered for L1 June 2008. I am in Plano, TX. my email is gomatam.ramesh@yahoo.com

Is everybody just postings his/her email here or everybody is getting along. I’ll drop mine too: Anish_gaur@yahoo.com anish