2009 mock WAAAAAY easier than 2010???

Is it just me? i RAPED the 2009 mock, and did decent on 2010.

Does the CFAI make the previous mocks available online?

Yeah markCFAIL, where is this mock that you speak of?

yes please :slight_smile:

markCFAIL Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is it just me? i RAPED the 2009 mock, and did > decent on 2010. you da man Mark Ciquel

If that’s the case, then I’m feeling pretty good right now. I found this year’s mock to be relatively straightforward, but found last year’s mock moderately difficult.

to each his own, but everyone better be agreeing that sample is the hardest.

I scored a 82 on last year’s mock and a week later scored a 78 on this year’s mock.

They don’t make the prior mocks available. But if you know someone who was a candidate, or you were registered for the prior year… I agree the samples were bordering on ridiculously hard (mainly the 1st one though).

Last year’s mock was a bit harder than this year’s I thought. Regardless, I got a 75 on last year’s mock under “real” conditions, and managed to fail only band 8. Are the sample exams any good? Worth buying?

Pfff i don’t know… I got 63/73 on this year’s mock but 75/67 on the samples. Probably should have waited to do the mock until I had more practice :frowning:

can anyone send me the last year’s mock at mohdlawati@hotmail.com appreciate your help…

Please send me last year’s mock too, @little_spring152@yahoo.com.sg. Thanks a lot!!!

please send me last year’s mock PLEASE! i would definitely appreciate this :slight_smile: SJAHN07@GMAIL.COM

PLEASE, PLEASE, send me also:) olenasel@gmail.com; thanks in advance.

i think 2009 mock is way harder than 2010 mock

I would very very much appreciate it if someone could send me last year’s mock exam as well. Thanks so much in advance!

Me too. kumard_999@yahoo.com

Me too. emptygenius@gmail.com Thanks!

I thought the 2009 mock was easier than 2010.