2011 Roll Call - COME GET SOME.

1st time taker, long-time fearer. Registered yesterday and scared of the package of loneliness and potential heartbreak that UPS will be delivering at some point in the near future. I will attack this test with the ferocity of a meth-induced-mongoose, cross bred with a Vick pitbull and one of those wildabeasts from that video where the wildabeasts attacked those lions that attacked the wildabeast baby that took place in Africa. I’m going CFAI text with a focus on the EOC’s (I’ll do them twice, once as I go, once as review), and hopefully I can buy some Stalla videos. I’d like to leave a month for exams and review, probably starting in October or November but might start easing in. Good luck to all you players, hustlers, and jive turkeys out there.

havent started studying yet…but i’m a first timer L3. Did L1 in Dec '09 and L2 in June '10…enjoying my break!

Those Vick pit bulls had a losing record in battle. Always make sure to invest in a quality rape stand when breeding your animals.

hey jcole and the rest. stepping forward for the roll call. have to start from november (wish I could start sooner) but i’ll go full throttle. will read ALL CFAI and do ALL EOC fo sho. Will get schweser premium to follow up on classes, read parts I didn’t get 100% on CFAI, practice concepts on qbank but most importantly so i can do a bucketload of practice exams come May. LET’S DO THIS

Bring it on.

whats the consensus for when you boys and girls are going to start studying?

I will try start in Jan.

Jan or Feb

Originally I was going to start studying in January, but with the pass rate continually getting lower, I’m going to start earlier. I’ve already got the books and will probably slowly start in October. I’m also going to pick up the Schweser notes. I really want to take the NYSSA review course, but 5:45pm start time is probably too early.

Late October or November probably for me. Maybe December.

I will probably start in November. I have a couple of weddings in April and I will not miss those weddings for the CFA.

October for me :slight_smile: Will start CFAI books.

I started on Monday. I will very casually read through summaries of the curriculum (Alan Resources - not a sponsor so I don’t know if I can state this?). Then take a break in Nov and Dec and start in all earnestly tackling CFAI in January. Let’s do it

First timer here too and have started reading. I don’t give a crap about all those warnings about burnouts and stuff. The news from Level 3 is scary enough to drive burnouts into the dungeon. Come on guys/babes… Let’s do this!

This will first time in the forum but 3rd and last try…Will be sitting for CIPM principal exam this Oct then may be end of Nov/dec start opening CFA bundles…

I’m in! a multiple repeater… this time I’m in it for blood. Beat this beast. Start early, start strong. Don’t think about starting in Jan., start in October! When you walk in on exam day 2011, you’ll walk in with a swagger, ready to rumble. Beat the beast. Let’s do this

Repeater for L3 this year. 6th CFA exam overall as I have repeated at every level. Determined to get the f out this program!!

January 1…enjoying the rest of the year and the holidays.

Well said, macdog

Just started studying last week, couldn’t resist the urge once the books came in. It seems like the curriculum gets smaller at each level, but don’t fall for that trap. I plan on ordering the Stalla materials in October.