2012 sample exam Q5

Could somebody explain how the allocation of 750,000 is on pro -rata basis ?

yeah let me just pull it up real quick…oh wait you cant print or copy it

not able to paste it…some problem

I think we are not allowed to discuss it…that’s y your other post is deleted

I think we can atleast discuss about the difficulty level…was it difficult? I may consider to pay for these if they add value?

Any idea guys?

but this question was from the free sample exam. Can’t we discuss that also ?

Sample is not free…mock is…

check out this


ohh, some mistake by the admin guy as well :smiley:

Anyways, the allocation is done

Ordered amount = $ 750,000

executed amount = $ 600,000

Allocation = $ 600,000 * ( 5 / (5+25)) = $100,000

total Ordered amount = $ 750,000

is 600,000 executed or the unfilled order that Zhang filled?