2013 CFA Institute Mock Exam (PM) Results

Just want to get a sense of how difficult people are finding the 2013 mock. 3 people in my study group scored 82%, 72%, and 68%, respectively.

I scored a 72 as well on the 2013, need to hit Ethics and GIPS harder

72% as well. Yes exam was tough. Scored 3/6 in equity,perf attribution and GIPS.

I’m averaging high mid- to high-60s and low 70s for AM and PM sessions after 3 finquiz mocks and 2013 PM mock.

2009 AM mock so far i’m at 69% (still have a few q’s left). Once again am on the bubble for the magical 70%.

i got 65%

70%…seemed tough to me

77% here. Had 74% but the errata vindicated me!!

Also - i love how schweser specifically stated in its study material that the formula for multiple Betas and Variances (in CME) probably didn’'t need to be memorized, but it showed up on the mock!!

77% here as well, after the errata. Had a 72% before checking errata and was about to go crazy. I thought this was the hardest mock I did out of 2011-2013 PM and 2011-2013 AM. Many questions were poorly worded and termed were different than the CFAI material.

What questions are on Errata?

Numbers 4, 38, and 58 had huge mistakes that totally flipped the meaning of the question, almost certainly throwing off your answer.

Number 14 was iffy as the errors were in the paragraph you had to read, not the actual question. You have to decide if it threw you off.

There were some other errata but insignificant imo.

where is the errata for the mock? cant find it on cfai website

I got an 80 percent on that, but it was my dream test. Most of my other scores aren’t nearly that high.

I got 70%. One of the hardest PM other than 2011 that I’ve done…

Out of interest which questions are you guys getting wrong? I found it to be the easier of the PM mocks so far

I think I always bombed my results in ethics and asset manager code. Gotta revise more on these areas.

I got beat up on Fixed Income Portfolio Management, which I usually do OK in.

Errata link


First test I did in actual simulation scenario and tried be calm and focused. I always do 1 itemset, fix mistakes and move on and don’t really grade.

i got a little lucky here. I had. 87%

2-3 were prb flukes where I had to make a best educated guess ( days for swaps) so at worse I still pulled in a 82% I guess

Thats is it. No more sample/mocks, only go thru notes and browse thru mocks with my notes- not actually solve long ass problems.

CALMNESS is the key, you get nervous- its over.

U don’t need the formula.

if u consider any correlation vs zero correlation, the vol goes up.

there was only 1 option that satisfied this criteria.

Finding the errata after grading this exam and reviewing was super frustrating