2018 Actual L3 Exam

Has the CFAI posted the 2018 actual L3 exam online yet?


I would like to know that as well!

Same here, waiting to see it


can i please get a copy of it when it releases? Thanks!

Would love to see the answer to the section I BS and did not do much prep on.

Still nothing? Last year we had it by this time

whats the deal w this?

Yes. I am also very much interested in seeing this.

Why is everyone so anxious to check it out? I mean, for both L1 and L2 I started doing problems 1.5-2 months before the exam and planning on doing the same thing for L3. Until then I will make sure I read Schweser material twice while harder material three times (thrice)

Torsten—has the CFAI posted the L3 exam online yet?

I thought I’d be done compulsively checking this site but here I am back at it…

Any update on when that 2018 paper is being released? I am super intrigued to see the answers lol.

I have checked every day and still no 2018 exam.

I’m a bit confused… so each year they post the old exams? THey only do this for L3? I never seen the old exams on L1 and L2…

or you talking about the old practice exams?

yep since it’s more cost efficient to just post old L3 than to make up new ones… since they don’t repeat the questions anyway.

L3 Morning exams are officially posted (Past 3 Years only) to L3 candidates with suggested answers to get a taste of it.

L1/L2/L3 (afternoon) mocks are always provided to give candidates similar exam experience since MC are easier to make.

Sweet! I will wait until someone says they are up and available!!

Hurry up CFA…

Can someone please release the exam I’m having panic attacks