2020 Corvette



That looks awesome. Corvette catching up with design and tech from 2010.

Definitely some Ferrari undertones in there.

That bar beside the passenger side reminds me of the MacBook.

That center console is the only thing that I don’t really get… what could they possibly have under there? In a Ferrari 488, it’s nice and open. This car… the top of this console starts at nearly the top of where the window ends

Yeah don’t like the center console, had the same questions about what could be there to cause that. The high end corvettes have dominated their European peers on performance comparisons within ±200k price points for years. The only thing is that it just does’t feel right, it’s like its pretending to be Ferrari, but nobody that wants to buy a European sports car will find the idea of owning a Vette appealing. They should have kept the Corvette front engine and released this mid-engine design as some other name. They could have gotten a whole new super car rollout out of it with all the press pandemonium instead of some raised eyebrows and with a clean slate might have been more able to appeal to the European car crowd that just doesn’t want a Vette.

$60k for the 495 hp base is insane.

It really is! I thought it’d be >$80k. A 718 cayman starts at $56.9k, add PDK for $3.2k and that’s $60k right there for 300 hp. C8 has nearly 200 hp more, with double the cylinders. Some people say you can’t compare the two but they are wrong.

Not going to lie, when I saw the price I started to get crazy thoughts about buying one.

I bet they are just saving space for future upgrades, like hybrid AWD or something like that. Nowadays, people want some all this futuristic stuff. I am sure GM has a full release schedule of new technology over the next 10 years. Besides, you know the $60k “base price” is fake news. You won’t be able to walk into a dealer and pay anything near this. Instead, there will be many upgraded versions of this car costing $100k or more and the base model will either be non existent or marked up significantly.


I disagree that hte $60k is fake news and people won’t be able to order it. I’ve also never seen a dealer sell above MSRP, so there’s that too.

but how do the doors open.

For this first year or so this will go above sticker for sure… ADM (additional dealer markup). Small number of people willing to pay extra to be first. MSRP is just a suggested price

On very limited editions, like the GT2RS, dealers where asking $100k+ over, sad.

Looks incredible. But, is Fiat going to sue GMC now?

I guarantee that MSRP will go up in subsequent years too. Look what happened to GTR. If something like this sounds like such a bargain… well, it’s because they don’t actually intend to sell those cars for that price.

I guess they are trying to figure out where the market is, kind of like baking in a pop when pricing an IPO, if done right, secondary offerings are more

Maybe. Then again, no realistic person thinks this is a $60k car. Even if they have to “guess”, it’s at least $75k or $80k. They just said $60k to get headlines probably.

Fair enough, I have not bought any new high demand sports cars in my life, so clearly I’m out of touch on the whole MSRP thing.

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