2020 Presidential election odds

These markets are probably pretty garbage predictors at this point, but still interesting to see what the market odds are:

  1. Trump 30% (probably severely underrated)

  2. Kamala Harris 15%

  3. Beto 15% (will be higher if he officially declares candidacy)

  4. Biden 11% (fading)

  5. Sanders 7%

  6. Elizabeth Warren 6% (no chance, in my opinion)

I hope crooked H runs again.

I believe that Harris is going to gain a lot of traction.

And I’m not remotely a Democrat.

Pretty much a lock for Trump, unless a centrist like Bloomberg runs

That hope and $3.50 will buy you a cup of Starbucks.

I don’t know, it’s going to be pretty tough to defeat Pence.

If we slip into a recession Trump is done. His only shot is for a recession to happen now and we start to recover early 2020.

I have as much faith in Trump’s ability to fix a crashing economy as I do in his ability to not sexually assault a woman.

But mah border wall!!!

“There has never been a man or woman, not me, not Bill, more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States of America” - Obama

telling y’all, she needs to run again

lol why do you say that? i never heard of her.


anyways im with comp. we need a centrist like bloomberg.

They should get Jeff Ross to host the democratic debates because its just going to be the roast of Donald Trump the whole time. There will be no discernible platform differences between any of those Dem. candidates.

Some of these prediction places seem wildly off on politics. I’m considering starting to bet on them to exploit the emotions

Is Starbucks having a sale?

PA dat you?

Tulsi Gabbard Joe Rogan 2020. Dems want a chance, make her your main candidate.

Have a look at her take on many of the most pressing issues. Shes similar to trump in many big issues (syria, trade, infrastructure) but liberal as it relates to the environment, farming, etc. I’m really impressed by her - could be our hottest, first hindu president


I’m calling Trump.

Yeah Tulsi is a good candidate… you know, other than the affiliation with conversion therapy and being an Assad apologist.

I don’t see how any of these people stand much of a chance against Trump. Maybe if you stack someone like Booker with Gillibrand to cover as much of your base as possible.