2022 Winter Olympics

Watching a bit.

Hot curling babe (HCB) alert - Stefania Constantini of Italy is quite lovely and a badass curler.



I’m just not interested in winter Olympic sports. They’re all pretty much lame

If only you could convince the rest of the world to stop moving to Colorado too. Lol.

For real though, there’s too many people here.

Too cold for me. I’m moving to St Augustine when I get old

love california weather. what other places are similar.

Loja, Ecuador; the Canary Islands; Malaga, Spain; and Nice, France; apparently.


Analyst forum Malaga meetup?

Let’s go - I know you lot can afford.

Nah I’m broke. Tuition hit my net worth. I am now worth 540k sad. I now understand what it means to be poor.

That’s enough for first class