Gun talk... looking for a .308 semi-auto rifle

I don’t believe you, solely because you used “silencer” in place of “suppressor.”


Hey guys I’m really looking into my first gun as well. My main requirements is that it has to be intimidating to those who see it but also small enough I can sneak into a lobby undetected. Preferably one that is cheap, since I won’t have much money until after it is used. It may be ideal for it to fit in a duffle bag. Oh and a silencer is a must. I don’t want to draw too much attention.

I’ll make sure to call clips magazines and shooting operating when I refer to my guns, I mean run my rigs. What type of sights I mean optics am I allowed to use? Only lingo like I’m king of the LARPers from now on.

These are the three mentioned in this thread (DDM4A1, DDMK18, DDM4V7P). I’ll have the two PDW’s next week and the silencers in almost a year with the standard NFA wait. In hindsight I should have grabbed less fruity towel.

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Aren’t pedants irritating? Oh wait… Don’t take that too personally.

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Twins arrived


Well I work in sales for a reason. :wink:

PS: they look like a lot of fun, and I’m pretty sure now is the time for you and I to become best friends… cuz hot DAMN!!!

edit: You do know that there are other brands out there right?

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pure gun porn. Note to self, get self removed from BS’s hitlist.

Silencers/suppressors are banned in MA right? I know you moved but do correct me if I am wrong regarding MA

I’m unclear on MA, I had a few before moving up there but never brought them up and then pretty much the minute I moved out started loading up ahead of what I’m assuming will be a more restrictive Biden presidency if it occurs. The NFA process (silencers/SBRs) is fingerprints, federal background check, photos etc and then usually a ~300 day wait with $200 tax per item. Then once you have them only you or people in the firearm trust (depending on how you set it up) can use, hold or access those specific items. There is also an application to cross state lines with those items. That only applies to the sbr’s like my MK18 and the silencers though.

The pistol variants which sort of capitalize on a loophole to be classified as standard pistols despite being identical except for using a “brace” instead of a stock bypass all of those requirements and anyone could stop over and shoot them (unsuppressed). I think the non-SBR and non-silencer items including high capacity magazines and pistols all could have been brought up to MA as long as they were preexisting but I just never really wanted to bother with it. I did bring two actual small pistols but that was the extent of it.

@CEO10K-DAY I do realize I need to get off the Daniel Defense wagon, I think my next few purchases will be in order FN SCAR 20s 6.5CM and Barrett M107a1 (longer barrel).

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Swan, what about a noob tube attachment? I clear entire rooms of enemy combatants on COD with that baby.

I hadn’t even considered that, now I feel unsafe without one.


Found a nice Smith & Wesson AR-15 at a local shop for $710. It has different rear sights than the M-4, but other than that, it looks like a virtual clone. Think I’ll go pick it up.

Nice. If you want to do a lot of shooting, the barrel and floated foregrip are worth it on the DD, but if not, the S&W will be awesome. Ammo is impossibly hard to buy right now and marked up about 2x so I’d not buy too much at the moment and maybe wait until things die down a bit on ammo.

Funny, near me the FFL’s have guns to sell, but ammo, not so much. Just happy I had loaded up on ammo last year but if this keeps up, I’m going to have to bust out the reloading equipment…

In my opinion, this forum is NOT an appropriate one for discussions about guns or any other topic that is unrelated to the CFA designation, curriculum, tests, or careers in finance.

If you want to discuss guns, please the National Rifle Association’s website: National Rifle Association.

When can we expect a similar comment in each of these threads, amongst others:

In my opinion, you come across as a whiny ■■■■ every time you post, and people in the “water cooler” section should be able to post whatever they want.

Maybe if you wanna have a forum you can moderate and shut people down on to your hearts content, then you should start one.

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water cooler has been fair game for a lot of topics.

There’s a lot less to you than the garbage you post here, Dude.

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I saw the Linkedin Warren - we know you’re an imposter. The real Warren is way too wealthy and busy shooting guns off the stern of 60 footer with the boys in a private beach smoking “marijuana” to be scrolling through pages and pages of years old dormant threads on the internet.

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