3/3 Champions

Who nailed it 3/3 .

Did you say who cares about 3/3? Nobody. That’s who.


there was a thread like this last year…

I dont think it means anything, but it is still my goal not to waste time and money.

too bad i am being investigated…

3/3 in 18 months here… just glad to have it behind me and get my life back.

passme, did you get your results?

3/3 here. Level I 12/2009, Level II 6/2011

put a lid on your egos

3/3 big deal

at the end it doesnt matter

I got 3/3, 18 months, but I place very little value on that compared to actually trying to utilize investment knowledge to serve others.

This thread just adds insult to injury for those that are struggling with the whole process.

But for me, 3/3 indeed

As I mentioned earlier in the results thread, I went 3/3 but also did it without spending more than 2 1/2 hrs in any of the 6 sessions.

However the real heros in my opinion are in fact the people who had to pick themselves up after a fail and get back in the ring after this sharp upper cut.

To those who have passed this extra test of endurance and cleared the Level 3 exam today the biggest of congratulations to you for your tenacity.

Yeah, for those who didn’t make it this year, if you want it bad enough, I’m sure you will get it next time. I have a ton of respect for those who tripped up one year and continued on.

I like the people who didn’t go 3-for-3 trying to thread crap in here. There’s a certain amount of pride that goes along with passing the levels consecutively. We’re not trying to boost our egos, but instead just proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Yeah dude, going 3/3 is meaningless… unless you did it, in that case… its the coolest thing in the world.

I went 3/3 but Im much more impressed by those who failed and came back with more determination.

As someone who went 3/3, I could care less about how quickly someone finished the program. Congrats to those who accomplished the 3/3 feat, but remember, everyone has different life cirrcumstances that influence their study efforts. Also, some people are luckier than others on the exam (if the sections you studied the hardest for are not on the exam, you are in a tough situation). I credit lady luck for some of my success in the program.

For those who have to retake, I applaud your ambition and dedication to the program. Best of luck!

3/3, baby! Level 1 in Dec 2010 to Level II in June 2011 was brutal but so worth it.


3/3 Dec. 10 through June 12. Feel good about getting the tests done, but I had easy life circumstances to study also.

3/3 is impressive, but so is 3/4 or 3/x, etc. Passers, let’s just gloat!

PS: 3/3


I hope the same for me, but still don’t know yet.