3/3 club


I am in!!! Sniped it. They don’t call me the Sniper for nothing. Oh yeah…


2009, 2010 and 2011.

Kinda - skipped Level II one year b/c I was best man in a wedding. Of the ones I sat for, 3/3.

i’m in - this club does sound a little douchey though (no offense). but whatever, i’ll do my touchdown dance here…it is a great accomplishment.

In baby. Dec 09, June 10, June 11.

have to agree it’s a bit immature to celebrate the 3/3 aspect but it’s a fact and nobody can take this away from us!!

The summary posts on this board are very helpful, both for level 2 and level 3. Thanks to those who did or initiated the excellent work! Studied for 4 weeks for the exam, almost full time (that’s lot of hours, say 28*8= about 250 hours. So don’t be misled by the 4 weeks thing.). Still feel a bit overstudied since there is no reward for over achievement. Since “must” be a regular member for the charter application, probably will apply for the charter.

Nailed it (46%,39%,51%) = 9.15%

In. Quite an esay program;)

Also used mainly schweser all the way

just got my email. 3 and done baby! God I feel high right now.

I’m in and proud. I don’t really care about anyone who thinks that it’s douchey to “not fail.”

2009 to 2011. My celebration for 3 years is only that I don’t have to give up a 4th. Back to reality and actually get to enjoy football season and Spring. I’ll give props to Schweser for all 3 levels. Couldn’t have done it with CFA text alone.

I am also June 2009 to June 2011. Now I am going to order NFL package and do nothing on weekends.

Passed all three in a row. AF definitely helped. For me Schweser was more or less worthless except for Level I.

June 9 June 10 June 11 Schweser all the way.

CFAI books for L1 never touched, L2 + L3 only EOC from CFAI. Rest all Schweser.

I’m for 3/3. Yes, it is douchey, but still feels great knowing you never had to repeat any of the exams… I went from ecstatic on L1 results, from half relieved half happy on L2, to just pure relieved today…