5 seconds after you find out...

what do you think your initial reaction will be??? Pass- gonna thank the lord and go on a walk around my building and then try to get work done the rest of the day. unfortunately i dont think i got it this time around so am tryin got set myself up for the … Fail- thank the lord for giving me a good shot at the exam. meanwhile i will be erupting inside, be calm on the outside. float aimlessly around the office like a body with no soul for the rest of the day. should be interesting for the clients i deal with … drab last year i took the day off for my results and screamed and scared my dog when i logged in. i also took a 5th of crown to the dome before bedtime so that i wouldnt be waking up early. not able to do that this year…

Last year it was utter shock that the page actually loaded after 30 mins of hitting refresh. Then it was read, process, smile, and drop head to desk in complete content. This year I’m checking with a bottle of crown next to me… Shots either way… probably will take off work if i fail. Everyone i work with knows i’m checking the scores that day and i don’t think it would be too pleasant to have to tell 30 people that i’m a dumbass. haha Here’s to hoping I get to show up to work with whiskey on my breath!

If I pass I will print it out, stare at it for a few hours to make sure it’s real and then call a dozen people who suffered me during my studying to thank them for putting up with me. If I fail, I will need to be alone and somebody will have to take me out for a few drinks. I will also have to email my “top rated loser” notification to my PMs. %$#@ Either way, I feel that I did my best and studied my butt off for 3 intense months so whatever will be will be. Life goes on, I’m more concern about winning the war than the battle, and the war will be won eventually. Yes, I’m a bottom line person. Persistence will make or break you. Good luck to all~

I’m either going to… if pass: scream for joy, jumping up and down and throwing things everywhere if fail: scream for sadness/depression, jumping up and down and throwing things everywhere so either way, I’m going to yell.

pass - ok that’s nice, now i have to study for L3, does this ever end? fail - that sux, but i don’t have to start as early and can continue to enjoy summer/fall and then get back to studying, does this ever end?

Pass: print it out, read it, and feel content. call up gf and tell her we are going out for a nice dinner. Then back to the grind. Fail: ain’t gonna happen. If i failed, well it’s only a stupid f*** exam anyways. There are more important things in life and in the 100,000 year history of mankind, CFA is not that significant of an event.

I’ll be on the Cape with my girlfriend and her family. Pass or fail, my reaction won’t make a good impression on her parents.

pass - holy shit, how did that happen? i guess lucky again. go crazy, make an excuse adn leave work IMMEDIATELY. fail - oh it was meant to be … better study hard for next time… but boy does it suck. be a zombie for the rest of 2 days, may be week.

PASS: Take the rest of the day off and hit the nearest bar. FAIL: Call home and tell my kidz to get ready immediately … I will be taking them to Chuckee Cheese. They can have all the fun they want.

pass - get wasted fail - get wasted

Mobius Striptease Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > pass - get wasted > fail - get wasted +1

My Cubs will be in town (live in San Diego) that week of results. Already took the week off of work then heading to Vegas for 5 days; so PASS or FAIL you do the math!!!

Pass - Go out for a fancy dinner drinking top shelf sht! Fail - Grab a case of Natties and a bag of chicken wings to eat at home.

Pass – Damn, I have to start to plan to study Level 3 now… another year to suffer Fail – Damn, I have to start to study lv2 AGAIN!! at least other two years to suffer.

kevincwang Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Pass – Damn, I have to start to plan to study > Level 3 now… another year to suffer > Fail – Damn, I have to start to study lv2 AGAIN!! > at least other two years to suffer. yup

Either way I am going to j izz in my pants.

Pass: thank to God, call my wife, spread the good news and go for drinks at night Fail: call my wife and start thinking about beating this f… exam in 2010

Pass: Drink Stella Fail: Drink Patron

Pass: Scream and punch the air Pass: Zip L3 by Dec

Pass: act cocky until the euphoria subsides Fail: act like a zombie either outcome, a celebration with >40% booze is a must.