54% pass rate for LIII

congrats to all who passed!

54… 52. 45… 60…

makes no difference to me as long as i’m in the pass group

who says its 54%?

Weekend go and enjoy. Monday ome back on.



shit just got real.

From 54% in 2014, 53% in 2015 and 54% now, in line with the last ten years average… not really “increased”, more stable but hey clickbait power ^^

Finally a leak of results…

Oh boy

if the pass rate increases and you fail, that would be a horrible feeling because you know you suck so bad.

Man, i wish they would just e-mail us the scores now since they have the finalized results.

Just curious, would anyone rather wait until Tuesday for the results versus getting them today (Friday)?

its curious what the relationship between the MPS and passing rate is? what’s the reasoning between targeting one or another

If such consistent pass results aren’t evidence of a curve…then I don’t know what is.

What are the chances the pass rates would really be that close year after year if there was not a curve applied.

Here’s the audio: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2016-08-05/bloomberg-surveillance-cfa-level-3-pass-rate-at-54-audio

Releasing the pass rates four days before sending out the email? Well played CFAI, well played.

Troll Status: Confirmed

Damn - good luck all. Regardless of what happens remember that you made it this far and you went up against the best CFA candidates.

^yes I agree a curve is applied (questions tossed out)…

but with 20,000+ candidates I imagine a leptokurtic distribution around 55-60% every year regardless of the perceived changes year to year in the difficulty of the exam. very few people are going to get below 40% gross or above 80% in my opinion…

Can you imagine if a lot of the thrown-out questions you actually got right were thrown out but ones you did not know were kept? That would totally suck!

I really hope that the first question in the A.M. portion of the exam was thrown out.