5th Avenue Mile Training Thread (BS, where you at fool!)

I have started my focused training for the mile on Sept 10. Thought this would be a good way to stay motivated. Igor… you running? ACE… getting pumped to run “next year” :wink: BS… M.I.A… aka, scared :neutral_face:

Last month I did some pre-mile-training prep work. 8-10mile long runs and longer track workouts focusing volume of intervals. I was doing 800s and quarters with the intervals adding up to 2miles. The point of that stuff was to get my general fitness ready to get the most out of my focused mile workouts, which will be shorter.

Last week I did my first miler workout. It was short and a sort of triall session.

3x200 2x400 3x200 the 200s were in 36-38 and the 400s were 77, 79

I’m pleased with that. I would like to get my 200s down to 34-36 and my quarters 75-77 …so that is within striking distance. My goal mile time is 5:20 so that is 80 second quarters.

Today I did hill sprints in the cemetery. Don’t mess with me peeps. I’m not playin :neutral_face:

yayayayayyyy im so excited

im in like Flynn.

I’m thinking AF meetup party after the race :grin:

Ill be there at the 2018 AF 5th Ave Post Race party

KMD = PureAlpha = palantir?

Image result for the number of emoticons is too damn high

I like KMD much better than PA

what happened to palantir?

I’m excited for the 3 of us to break 5min next year. KMD any chance you could pull it off this year?

Being that my best ever time was when I was 20 (and over 5 min) and I am now 37… I’m thinking it is unlikely. However, if I break 5:15 this year then the odds improve. I will be thrilled with anything sub 5:25 to be honest!

Today’s track workout… 10x200 all in 37 with a couple 36s and one 35. Good performance. Key to a great mile is nailing your 400m intervals. This workout today was focused on building my legs ability to run to my quarters in 75-77… so then on race day I will be able to do 4 in a row in 80. Really had to dig deep on robot legs near the end today. Should get some good adaptation out if it… next week … quarters!

yeah if you get 5:15 this year that will be rockstar

My PR was a long time ago too - I was in HS when I hit 5:18 in a race

I’ve never actually trained for the mile though, so looking forward to focusing on this goal.

37s 200m is sub 5 pace - nice job

37.5s = dead on 5:00

ACE ain’t gonna sniff 5 minutes with your weight

Not so easy. For the effort I was putting into those 200s, I would have to be hitting them in 33-35 to be indicative of potentially breaking 5 min. Thats actually pretty far off!

How’s YOUR training going… smart arse :wink:

yeah not this year

2018 is the goal, brah

I’m kind of just doing heavy cardio to start. I was breaking 6 easily on the treadmill in 2015 at 180lbs, then bulked up a lot and now am cutting. Weighed in at 220 today after a 2hr cardio.

Im not injured for the most part (well my wrist is funky from a skateboard fall).

I think I have a shot for 5min for next year. I just don’t want to overtrain initially and get injured, because overtraining is my specialty.

I’m pretty confident I can hit 5:20 next year. 5:00 is gonna be hard.

But, I look like a model, so even when I fail I’m really winning.

How come everyone keeps talkin’ bout BS missing. Did he vanish or get banned or something?

complete with the personality as well