69 Days Left

Only 69 days left for the exam!!!

I have read the CFAI curriculum once and the Kaplan’s notes twice. Moreover, I have done the practice problems from Kaplan.

So what should I do for the rest of days? I plan to do mocks and essay paper from 1999 to 2015.

But will it be too much? Or will it be slow down a bit to revirew the concepts in curriculum again?

Any advice for me, please?

Much appreciated.

I still have 1.5 books left on Schweser, this is my first run on the curriculum, relax.

If I were, I’d focus on practicing problems, do as many AM/PM mocks and EOCs as you can.

Starting my first mock in 2 weeks. Finishing up the BBs and EoCs in the meantime.

I’ve been through the CFAI stuff, Schwser stuff breifly and then through the GoStudy L3 notes…so from now on its mocks, mocks, mocks with some anki flash card stuff and focused re-revision thrown in when I find weak spots.

Ive got mocks coming out my ass…done all 6 Schweser ones, 2 CFAI morning ones and have another 8 or so to get through, along with the Analystninja.com full mock package I just bought. Also got a couple of Konvexity ones…

So yeah, I’m going to try to do about 20+ mocks from here till D-day and focus in more and more as I go along.

Im not worried about the PM session at all to be honest, it’s the AM which is causing me to sweat. If I’m not ready for it after 20+ mocks I may as well crawl up in a corner, give up and die…

I am just afraid spending too much time in doing mocks, will it be better to focus back on the curriculum???

And I’m afraid I won’t spend too much time doing mocks.

Honestly, you’re afraid of you’re best shot at passing?

I think the mocks! mocks! mocks! mentality is more important for understanding what kinds of questions will be asked and reviewing a smaller sample of high-probability content. If I was finishing the material 2.5 months out I would want a healthy mix of curriculum review with my mocks. In my experience, theyre great for drilling down on key topics but dont touch on a large majority of the testable content.

Personally, Ill be finishing the books/EoCs only a few weeks out so my review will be heavily focused on the mocks because I wont have the time to do a serious review on lower probability content.

I think I will finished all the mocks and practice before 15th May, and then I will try to take 15 working days no pay leave to review the mocks and curriculum before the exam.

Are analystninja mocks good? Are there any other recommendations? How far back should we really go with CFAI?

Are you serious? Are you a full-time student by any chance?

No. I am a full-time assistant finance manager… To be honest, I study almost every night from 9 p.m to 12 a.m.

And I have started the preparation in October.

Respect Sir. That truly is admirable.

EOC problems, Blue Boxes and Mock till you drop. Half the exam is material, half the exam is its acrobatics in and of itself. It would behoove you to focus on being able to really write bulleted answers quickly and concisely.

This line of thinking is spot on. Focus on AM and you’ll hit two birds with one rock. You’ll learn the material more concretely (because you’re writing out your responses) and subsequently do better on both portions. That said, don’t completely neglect the PM, need to be sure the rust is off come show time. Good luck!

I’m at a similar place. That seems like a lot of mocks though, no? I’m aiming to do 8-10 AM’s mixed in with structured review of my weak areas. Should I plan to do more AM mocks than that?

I will try to stick with my plan, though it is a bit tougth. As there is still enough time, I will start to review of my weak areas in the middle of May.

Now I score around 65% in MC mocks and 60% in essay mock. I hope to improve the score by doing mocks till the middle of May. But do you find that the past AM papers make more sense than the practice in CFAI curriculum and Kaplan’s practice?


How do you know how much you score in the essays? I don’t get it…

Youve just got to mark them as best you can from the answer key. No doubt if two of us marked the same exam, we’d get different results…I just try to be relatively harsh with myself to err on the side of caution.

I have the Schweser mock books, and within it they give hints as to how to mark certain questions…1 point for this, 2 points for that etc…so I try to follow that logic while marking the CFAI ones too.

I have the analyst ninja mocks who offer marking services too so I may shoot some answer sheets off to them, see if my marking is even in the same ball park as theirs.

This. How many years are people going back? Also, how many PM mocks? I only have the three schweser PM’s as of right now.