A Game.

Describe your last intimate experience by using the title of a recent movie. I’ll start; “The Men Who Stare at Goats”


“Inception” - Yes, it was a wet dream…

jurrassic park

Hopefully not “Knocked Up”.

“Boys don’t cry”

“Black Snake Moan”

“Space Balls”

“Home Alone” “Fast & Furious”


^ “Solitary man”

“Run Forrest, Run”

“Fast and furious: tokyo drift” It’s faster and furiouser and culturally diverse.

Gosh, fast is not good

“The Aristocrats”

“white face” “deep impact” “5 fingers deep”

“Cruel Intentions”

Meet the Parents

“Alice in Wonderland” “Inglourious Bastrds” “The Big Lebowski”