A new form of Islamic terrorism


How many innocent people would die in this war? Why world leaders like Angela can’t realize that these people have never stopped killing other people. Look at their history, they have killed millions in India and now west is on the target. Obviously they can’t initiate a war because they got no money to fund it but they can soft target public places easily . Please deport these people to safe zones and save lives.

Thank god DJT saved the U.S. from these horrors.

People laughed at him and his supporters and shouted “racist!” for wanting extreme vetting while crooked h wanted to increase refugees by 550%.

The kids were in charge over the last 8 years, time for the adults to take over.

I find this rather ironic considering DJT is a man child who cant help but whine, cry, and play victim on twitter with the spelling abilities of a child as well.


Who cares if few muslim people are modern or they don’t encourage these activities. We are fearful of those uneducated, wild, angry, and frustrated men who are ready to take over this world by spreading fear. When these people move to a place like Germany they suffer from the inferiority complex because its hard for them to sleep with white women, they can’t even communicate with Germans properly, and they also can’t find jobs. So at the end out of frustration they would do something like this to show their anger. Is this worth all the trouble?

A great nation like India was attacked and brutalized by moguls and when these people couldn’t convert Hindus to Islam then they started populating the country and they are close to 175 million. Where would this stop?

Seriously. Is anything funnier than Trump and his supporters attempting to display this air of strength and toughness and turning out to be the most delicate flowers on the planet? Boycott Broadway play bullies! So rude!

lmao do you even read what you write? they are angry because white women wont sleep with them? thanks atush for summarizing the nuances of a multicultural society and dealing with the exodus of people from a war torn nation while speaking a language we can all understand.

its not like india is a bastion of freedom for all and a light in the world either, plenty of non muslim murders and gang rapes going on there anywho.

I consistently keep pointing out how the people who complain constantly about the victimhood mentality and safe spaces seem to keep creating safe spaces for themselves and crying when reddit wants to reel them in a bit, and they keep playing victim. The irony seems lost on the bulk of them, its do as I say not as I do

^DJT supporters claiming they want the “snowflakes” to toughen up but places like North Carolina TV censor Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue because it was too offensive. Oh and don’t forget the Right’s outrage over Janet Jackson’s wardorbe malfunction and the crack down on censorship after that occurred.

  • boycotting Hamilton
  • Slamming Vogue for bad review on Trump Restaurant
  • etc. etc. etc.

Yeah, tell me about it. Those right-wing fascists at The Recording Academy, the organizers of the Grammy Awards, banned Janet from the ceremony and that right-wing fascist in charge of Viacom, Sumner Redstone, blacklisted her.

lol janet jackson? That was so long ago I had to look that up. Feb 2004 so almost 13 years ago, and not one person I knew actually saw it. Talk about the Streisand effect

You’ll be old one day, too. Assuming we live that long.

im getting there, its scary because while it was almost 13 years ago it certainly doesnt feel that long

Look how the FCC reacted to the event. Oh, but it happened 13 years ago so it doesn’t matter.

And Justin Timberlake hasn’t aged a bit. He is clearly an alien or a robot.

Let’s not forget about their endless crying about the supposed “war on christmas.” What a joke. This is what happens when you always get what you want.

Yup, 13 years ago but Dave Chappelle censorship event occurred just a few days after the election.

So the German police arrested the wrong person. Looks like the driver was actually just an Asian woman.

Huh? I thought the original driver was found shot dead.

Also everyone remembers Janet Jackson. That was the Patriots second Super Bowl.