If you kill your baby 3 months before it’s born, nobody should question your choice – you’re simply exercising women’s inalienable rights. . But if you kill your baby 3 months after it’s born, you’re among the worst human beings that have ever lived. . Doesn’t really make sense, does it?



Who cares. Humans have been killing babies prior/after being born for a long time, as a means of keeping population under available resources. We need more baby killing.

^You’re lucky you were born as a male; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here.

If I were born female I would probably be here too, “probably” makes it sound like 51% of female infants are being killed. We all read the quant book right?

HOUSE: Do you understand? Are you okay? I mean, I know you’re not okay, but are you more or less not okay than you were five minutes ago? EVE: About the same. HOUSE: Good. The termination procedure isn’t pleasant. EVE: I don’t want to terminate. HOUSE: You want to keep the baby? EVE: Abortion is murder. HOUSE: True. It’s a life, and … You should end it. EVE: Every life is sacred. HOUSE: Come on. Talk to me. Don’t quote me bumper stickers. EVE: It’s true. HOUSE: It’s meaningless. EVE: It means every life matters to God. HOUSE: Not to me, not to you. Judging by the number of natural disasters, not to God either. EVE: You’re just being argumentative. HOUSE: Yeah! I do do that. What about Hitler? Was his life sacred to God? Father of your child, is his life sacred to you? EVE: My child isn’t Hitler. HOUSE: Either every life is sacred, or it-- EVE: Stop it! I don’t wanna chat about philosophy. HOUSE: You’re not killing your rape baby because of a philosophy. EVE: It’s murder. I’m against it. You for it? HOUSE: Not as a general rule. EVE: Just for unborn children? HOUSE: Yes. The problem with exceptions to rules is the line-drawing. It might make sense for us to kill the ass that did this to you. I mean, where do we draw the line? Which asses do we get to kill, and which asses get to keep on being asses? The nice thing about the abortion debate is that we can quibble over trimesters, but ultimately, there’s a nice, clean line: birth. Morally there isn’t a lot of difference. Practically huge. EVE: You’re enjoying this conversation. HOUSE: This is the type of conversation I do well. EVE: But the other type … the personal stuff? HOUSE: (shrugs) There are no answers. If there are no answers, why talk about it? You’re healthy. You shouldn’t be here. EVE: I don’t want to go. HOUSE: Fine. I won’t discharge you.



Since a number of people can’t seem to survive outside of the womb without government assistance, shouldn’t we just legalize abortion up until, say, the 200th trimester?

The US govt had once implemented a procedure to stop people from reproducing who were deemed to be idiots or too stupid and would harm the gene pool. We need to bring that back

You’re lucky you weren’t aborted; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here.


I disagree. I think diversity is the real winner for society. After all, if you do this and create a new generation with a ‘better gene pool’, the next likely step is to shift to phase 2 to cutting out the ‘better gene pool’ low IQ people.

Small problem - those who get to decide “idiots or too stupid” probably deserve to be killed even more than the “idiots”.

Nazis got to decide that all Jews were inferior. Killing six million random Nazis and keeping the six million Jews alive would probably have improved the gene pool. Or at least not worsened it in any way.

Idiots reproduce the most, solving the population problem using birth laws solves the dummy problem too.





It would violate human rights to selectively prevent certain people from reproducing. However, it would be fine if we just invented ways to encourage smart people to reproduce. So I propose that upon receiving the CFA charter, each new charterholder also be presented with 5 virgin women to choose from. I’m still working through the exact logistics, but I imagine that it would be some sort of harem.

And for the women (assume straight for the moment) chartherholders, what would they get?

And virgins are overvalued in my opinion; most women certainly aren’t going to be cheering about having to deal with 5 virgin men…

Person A: smart asshole

Person B: stupid and kind

itera wants to kill B (or more humanely, stop B from reproducing) so that A and his progeny may inherit the Earth. I am not sure that’s what I want. Who knows, B might produce a bright and kind child; more likely than A producing a bright and kind child.