About Ethical and Professional Standards for the Level III CFA Exam

This forum contains discussion of Ethical and Professional Standards for the Level III CFA exam.

  • Ethical and Professional Standards is covered in Study Sessions 1 and 2
  • Ethical and Professional Standards has an exam weight of 10-15%

Study Session 1

“This study session provides a framework for ethical conduct in the investment profession. The principles and guidance presented in the CFA Institute Standards of Practice Handbook (Handbook) form the basis for the CFA Institute self-regulatory program to maintain the highest professional standards among investment practitioners.”
Source: CFA Institute

Study Session 2

“This study session begins with the role played by ethics and professionalism in the investment industry. A framework to support ethical decision-making is provided to help guide behavior. The reading emphasizes the importance that a profession’s code of ethics and standards of behavior have in generating the trust with its clients and society as a whole.”
Source: CFA Institute