Accents reduction programs

basically said How can someone reduce their native tongue accent so they are better understood ?

Thank you.

i had some beef tongue tacos this weekend, they were amazing.

gonna try the cow head next

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

When I play with Playdough, all my creations look like Gumby.

Repeat daily: “Good morning, I am Steve from Minnesotta”. Eventually, you will believe it too.

I’ve been looking into some sandalwood and marble side tables made in India as some good accent furniture to accessorize my living room. There are a few great options, just waiting for a good deal online

^i read some reviews and folks are saying that the indian wood is on the small side and they are not satisfied after buying

sirs plz advice



Do you know why my dog licks his balls?


women amirite6?

How do you reduce your native tounge?

  1. Scissors

  2. Butcher Knife

  3. Voodoo

I like that in 10 years AF has produced exactly three memes and those memes have absolutely no meaning outside of AF. Can anyone name them?

I don’t practice Santeria

I ain’t got no crystal ball

If I had a million dollars iiiid spend it all



bindhi masala, amirite6?