Acceptable work-experience

Would working in a financial institution which gives long term loans (secured against mortgage of project) and other collateral, be considered acceptable work experience from CFAI norms. Your opinion please. The profile involves, vetting loan request proposals, business plans etc., make cash flow projections, complete credit analyses (coverage ratios, return ratios, IRR… the complete works), analyse and value collateral (like mortgage of land), drawing/negotiating term-sheet/loan agreement and recommending it to your own Boad of Dir to go/no-go. Once approved and loand is disbursed, you continuously monitor it. If there are default cases, then you do various stuff like financial structuring, balance-sheet cleanup, equity infusion etc.

I have similiar problem: I am an performance analyst in a fund house. I am mainly doing the performance analytic, not portfolio management or investment decision making. Can that be counted? Thanks.

siushun, I’ve just submitted my work experience including 2 years spent as a performance analyst so I can let you know when they’ve processed my application whether it is acceptable.

Thanks, sw74! Please keep me posted.

siushun, I’ve just checked my application and the 2 years of performance work has been counted as acceptable.

I can’t seem to make it to the part of the application status site where it shows accepted work experience. It keeps redirecting me to my dues page, which I paid months ago… Any advice?

sw74: How long can you find out if your work experiences accepted or not? I have finished my work experiences long time ago but I am still waiting for one more sponsor’s letter. My status for work experience is still 0 month accepted. Redarrow: I don’t ever get asked to pay dues. Are they supposed to ask me to pay after they accept my work experience? Thanks in advance!

I find the cfai website really hard to navigate - entirely probable that this is me being retarded - but where the h*ll can you see how much work experience has been accepted?


luckypasser, the link that DarienHacker posted above is all I’ve used to check the status. I submitted my work experience about 3 weeks ago and my sponsors did their bit last Friday. As of today the work experience part changed to say that 55 months had been accepted and the top of the page still says that my application is complete and under review at CFAI.

Thanks for your information, sw74

sw74 do you know where I can find the information which job nature can be counted as working experience? Are there any official CFA website stating that: 1) Research analyst 2) Portfolio manager something like that? Please let me know. Thanks

Try: and then click on sample job title at the bottom of the page.

For those of you with questionable work experience, what have you been answering to questions 6, 7, and 8 on the sponsorship form?: 6. Does the applicant construct and rebalance portfolios of assets (e.g., fixed-income and equity securities) for clients? Yes No 7. Does the applicant value and recommend assets (e.g., fixed-income and equity securities) for inclusion in portfolios? Yes No 8. Does the applicant spend at least 50% of his/her time engaging in one or a combination of the above activities? Yes No Can you answer “NO” to all three but still pass the requirement for work experience? Thanks.

I believe if you are in compliance you could answer “no” and still qualify

That would make sense stock girl as the work requirement guidelines appear to go beyond the specific questions above. Do you or anyone else know why those specific questions are included in the sponsorship form for the supervisor? Thanks in advance.

Thanks, sw74. Unfortunately, there is no performance analyst :frowning:

Your experience will be counted by CFAI. Credit analysis of long-term corporate loans including project financing is an integral part of debt capital markets. If you look at the pie chart of employment profiles of CFA charter holders, atleast 15% of the global CFA fraternity is involved in jobs pretty much similar to your kind of job profile. Thanks, Yogesh

Those job titles are only a guide. Performance work will qualify - just make sure you word the job description to make it sound as relevant as possible to the investment decision making process.

Thanks, ysundaram and sw74. To be frank, my job mainly is doing the performance analytic. I don’t think it involve any investment decision making. I do support job for my boss, who is a portfolio manager. sw74, do you mind telling me what did you do for the other 2 years which is not performance related? ysundaram, do you know where I can get the profile for the CFA charter holders?