Accurate Observation?

I have a theory that the more power you have in your professional or societal life, the more erotic you find compromising or submissive roles in the bedroom. Vice-versa for those who are not in positions of power. They find dominant sexual roles more erotic. Of course, I am generalizing, but what do you think?

I think that opinion is wishful thinking and a way to humanize and diminish the powerful from people who don’t possess that power.


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Are you hijacking my thread on sex to talk about running? …whatever

No, never did NYC marathon. Just did the 5th ave mile last weekend though.

Interesting theory, could have some truth to it.

So how did you develop this theory? Watching Billions or carrying out experiments?

You would think I could write a dissertation on the subject given my 15 years working as a dancer. However, this is not the case. Despite what I tell clientele, my dances are fairly routine. I don’t really personalize. Occasionally some guy will ask for something “different” like getting his crotch stepped on or for me to act all dom. The guys who ask for that sort of thing are usually kind of weird and not the “powerful” BSD type. They are used to being the eccentric and have nothing to lose by asking for what they want. However, I think most men (who might be turned on by being dominated) don’t want to admit it to a stranger. They might not even admit it to themselves. That being said, I can see how they respond when I take on more controlling behavior (interestingly, not in conversation or other interaction… just physically and during a dance). The successful guys are more into in. The average joe insecure guys just try to wrestle the power back. They don’t like it.

OK I didn’t know you were an exotic dancer.

Still, a dance routine is one-sided (man are just observers) so any apparent submissive behavior may be to trigger/challenge the dancer to take initiative and show more.

Interesting. Any other theories, like what color the sky is?

pretty sure it’s covered by a nuclear cloud that won’t dissipate for 300 years until the ozone regenerates itself. In the meantime, the US government is projecting a 3d image into the sky to keep it under wraps.

Saw something similar to this recently in a stand up. Watch the Ali Wong comedy special on netflix (which was hilarious) watched it on Bill Burr’s suggestions and he wasnt wrong. One of the best specials I have seen in years.

She talks about how controlling asian women like to be submissive in the bedroom because they enjoy that temporary feeling of being out of control and not knowing what is going to happen. Really though, if you are a fan of stand up, watch it!

One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Or, in nerd terms, spurious correlation at best.

most women lack power and yet most women like to be dominated…

+1 to Baby Cobra. It was hilarious!

Sounds like all women, what does being asian have anything to do with it?

She’s asian, so she speaks from her specific relative perspective. Not disagreeing with you.


i think you have the causation mixed up. it is not the professional power that results in wanted to be submissive in the bedroom but that successful bsd types are generally more confident and willing to speak up and tell you what they want in the bedroom. let’s be honest. there aren’t many guys who are adamantly against being submissive. that said, those who actually partake in a submissive role are those willing to ask for that type of treatment.

you’re painting with broad strokes here. we should first define the level of submissiveness and dominance. submissiveness can range from girl on top to guy tied up with a ball gag in his mouth being whipped