I scored 24 (borderline ADHD)


  1. Quite surprised to see that it was so high.
  1. But the whole not listening thing is only natural.

29, but really high on inattention (22), low on hyperactivity (7). Explains why I post here a lot.

Did you hear about that guy’s online ADHD quiz score?

He got a cup of coffee.

Inattention: 26

Hyperactivity: 4

So…I can’t pay attention…and I’m lazy. hacksaw.

my gf said this quiz is too long LOL

I would never hire anyone who scored above 18.

^ I would never agree to be hired by any one who scored below19 !

6 overall

inattention: 5

hyperactivity: 1

Don’t know how your scores are so high…


^Ok I guess that was a bit insensitive. I admittedly don’t knwo that much about ADHD, but is it this common? Some of the questions for me were a clear No and behaviour I don’t really notice in other people often, I was just a bit surprised everyone else’s scores were so much higher.


Inattention: 13

Hyperactivity: 11

Should I be worried? lol. I do tend to fidget a lot if I sit down for a long period of time such as watching a movie depending on what kind of movie it is. I like movies that require a lot of thinking and analyzing.

I scored a 27, 12 inattention and 15 impulsivity, I don’t have ADD. I really think ADD/ADHD is the most overdiagnosed thing out there. Not to say some of those who are diagnosed shouldn’t have been, it is a real brain disorder, but is amazing to see how many kids have medications for this and in my nonmedical opinion have no trouble whatsoever focusing on sports, school, video game, normal conversation when not taking their medication. I wonder what implications overuse of adderal/focalin could have on millenials and gen z. Any thoughts?

The answers to this test are completely subjective! If this is in any way reflective of how actual ADHD is diagnosed, then it would be no surprise if this disorder is commonly misdiagnosed. In fact, there is probably a bias towards parents and kids over reporting these symptoms, given that it is mentally convenient to blame personal problems on some kind of medical condition.

In general, though, I don’t know if it would be necessarily bad if attention spans decrease on average. Perhaps it is just more efficient to process 10 tweets per minute, rather than long and verbose paragraphs with superfluous details. Other time consuming tasks, such as memorization, are also less relevant today, since we can store and access this information from the internet or other sources.

18: 9 & 9

You might need to see a doctor to determine if you are actually alive.

Can any test related to ‘Attention’ , ‘Retention’ or ‘Forgetting’, interpretation of the result of which is indpendent age-factor be 100% correct or reliable? These factors are so age dependent that the same score of this test for a school child of 7-8 years, an young ATC (air-traffic controller) aged 28 years and a farmer aged, say, 65 years may require different interpretations regarding mental health.

It also must be, as one may feel, dependent on the nature and requirements of the work and profession one is in. Even a farmer leaving in a remote farm land and a person leaving in NYC requires different level of attention through out his day and meeting this requirement must be affecting his inherent attention level making it an integral part of his personality and thought process. I strongly feel that some one who does not require to be as much attentive over a long period of time as compared to some one else who is required to be attentive all the time to even survive in daily struggle can not be graded same for ADD for the same score.

^ I was asked for my age, so presumably that is factored into the results.