Adrian Peterson

ill just leave this one here

Will there be any players left to play out the season if TMZ starts digging out everything?

^ Tim Tebow will come back

^ If Tebow plays this year, it’ll be for the Alouettes.

^ They will instantly become the favorite to win the Grey Cup, despite a 3-8 record. Only in the CFL.

Re: AP

I think this is a classic case of a guy trying to do the right thing, but going too far. This is far removed from the Ray Rice or Greg Hardy situations. Not even comparable.

On the bright side the guy I’m against in Fantasy football this week had both Ray Rice and AP so things are looking pretty good at the moment.

So when is whipping a kid the right thing?

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“Local media said the “whooping” - which is how Mr Peterson allegedly referred to the incident during a police interview - resulted in cuts and bruises to the boy’s back, buttocks, legs and scrotum.”

How do you beat a four year old so that it results in bruises and cuts to the scrotum?

At least give the kid a chance to get into Harvard or UTSA first.

Haha I thought you were talking about me, then I realized we aren’t in the same league.

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^ New low for AF.

did you think you were in RRs thread instead?

Nah, the homophobia from some here is just ridiculous. Equating a guy being gay to guys that whip children and beat women is below what I’d tolerate. I understand its probably all in humour, doesn’t mean its OK. RR is a low in different ways.

It was all in humor, and it was funny as s–t.

(Note - I’m not a homophobe.)

As a credit to my ignorance, I don’t even know who the 3rd guy is. halp?

^ Michael Sam.

^ Thanks. I’m totally cool with gay guys. No homo.