Adrian Peterson

cmon broseph chillax…just a meme…it doesnt represent my views. you can ask a mod to delete it if it bothers you that much

^ It doesn’t bother me. I’m not gay. But I’m active in a lot of sports and have been all my life. I’ve had friends (gay) that have left sport because of homophobic attitudes in the locker room and on the field. I think that’s disgraceful. Who the hell the cares what someone does off the field? I’ll always stand up for my friends and teammates. The fact they no longer play bothers me deeply to this day. I’m sure you meant no harm, most people think such comments and memes are just harmless fun. And as a one off, they are. I bet even most gays would laugh at that. But constantly seeing and hearing such jokes turns gay kids away from sport, which is often one of the few social outlets they have. I’m just asking that you think about it before posting such things and making comments in your real life. It’s your call, you’re free to do what you want. Just asking that you give it a thought. That’s all I will say on that. Thanks.

I would sincerely hope that nobody thinks that Michael Sams is in comparable to the other 2.

agree that the homophobia in this place is pretty obvious though

haha, good one!

a) I thought you were a girl?

b) people that are cool with gay people don’t tend to use the word “homo”

a) I’m definitely not a girl. haha

b) it’s just an AF thing, I’d never say that in real life.

Nothing build your kids’ character by a good scrotum whipping.

I got my ass whooped by my dad when I was a kid but never to the extent of leaving cuts and bruises… then again, my dad isn’t an NFL monster.


But he never tried to hack my sack for me. Especially at four years old.


Y’all don’t understand southern culture and it’s sad.

When whitey spanks their kid, it’s good dicipline.

When a brotha whips their kid, it’s child abuse.


You’re making this about race now?

People have the right to spank their kids, but an NFL running back hitting his 4 year old in the nuts is going beyond good discipline.

Whipping a kid until he bleeds with a tree branch isn’t acceptable regardless of race. That said, I think there is some cultural aspect here. But its a backward culture that needs immediate adjustment.

It’s not a race thing. My grandpa made my mom cut her own switches. And, that’s just the thing. The switch is supposed to be a pyschological punishment. You make the kid cut his own. Do you go for a skinny branch that’s likely to cut you, or a thicker branch that’s likely to land heavier, bruise-inducing blows? And, if you pick the wrong one, you have to go get another. Then you get a’whoopin but it’s barely worse than a regular spanking (and way better than a belt).

There are a couple problems with AD’s case though. First off, the kid isn’t old enough to pick his own switch so this is purely corporal punishment. Second, the switch used was obviously too skinny and AD should have known better. Third, AD obviously went a little agro during the discipline session. He showed poor aim and execution.

So, let’s review. What’s normally more of a mental punishment turned into a purely physical one, more akin to spanking. The physicality of the action was way overboard resulting in injuries far beyond the scope of normal switch lashings. And it’s appears as though AD went a little crazy during the episode.

I’d say that falls more closely in line with abuse, but probably something that anger management courses and parental counseling should address. Not the police. As for what the NFL should do…I have no idea.

This talk about whipping your mom is giving off a strong Flowers in the Attic vibe…

You’re one sick puppy ohai. I like that.

OK, is it commonly accepted in the US that beating your children with a ‘switch’ is acceptable, as long as it doesn’t cross some imaginary line? Corporal punishment with weapons is still good to go? If one of your workers doesn’t meet expectations, is it also acceptable to take a branch and start whipping?

So whipping children on the scrotum with tree branches is an African American Southern thing, wow.

@bob - It’s a southern thing…mostly. Not a race thing.

@geo - It’s becoming less and less acceptable. People still talk about spanking pretty openly but I’ve never heard another parent say anything about using a belt, switch, or wrench. There are other things parents do too that cause some degree of physical discomfort that practically no one bats an eye at. Ever had to stand on your toes with your nose against a wall and your hands behind your back? Me neither but I hear it sucks.

As a parent of two very headstrong kids, I try to conduct pyschological warfare on them instead of spanking or anything else physical. But, just like every other parent I know, there is always one or two times you need to smack your kid. Some parents do it too often (IMO) and many do it for the wrong reasons. Ever see a parent smack their kid in response to their kid hitting another kid? That’s a horrible message to send. In general I don’t find spankings very effective unless your kid is putting him/herself in mortal danger by not listening to you. A blow to the ass breaks them out of that trance pretty fast.

Who said race? I said culture.