AF At Night

Well, creating one thread for at night.

I met the hottest chick I’ve seen in a long time tonight. Was 4 chicks hanging out and one chick gave me the perfect opening. She said so which one of us do you like? Said other chick immediately and she was like, go get her digits. so that’s what I did. Easily. It’s gonna be a good night.

I think I found my new fav bar. It’s a luxury rooftop hotel.

i prefer to have my liquor on stone. I pregame at my apt on granite and prefer a stone or marble bar to suit my needs.

You cock up bro

full support. haha excellent idea ace. i’ll relegate my shit here too.

Smoking some cherry 420 with Alabama chick


She’s 19, sophomore in college. What a life.

color us surprised, we actually thought you had attracted a stable intelligent gal

>23 and they’re just really annoying at that point though

It was two diff girls. First one was ~24. Second was after party at neighbors house, my brosef’s girlfriends younger sister. She’s cool but def not hot.

agree 90% of time

as long as they’re 21. they can go to a real club. lol

ACE what sparked the transition away from Jesus into drunk frat bro?

HHe probably rationalizes the two like all nutty Christians Haha a

BTW thanks for doing this Ace. I think the compilation will be better delivery method


Jesus is still my homeboy Previously I wasn’t really on the hunt for chicks due to several reasons … now I am

I can’t help it… I love you ridiculous people :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Wow brahs