AF At Night

what kind of freaks out tonight ACE on the 4th?

so i might be going with two different chicks tonight to a kanye loves kanye event in anaheim.

its pretty funny, initially i was trying to go on a date with this ucla chick, monica (red hair hispanic) . date because most my friends are gone/busy due to 4th of july. so i was trying to get her to netflix nd chill. she asked me what i wanted to do. i told her no plans but i want to go to a bar/club. she was a long shot cuz i met her before memorial day and sort of ghosted her when she wanted to grab coffee.

then a chick friend (decent german and mexican) of mine from a long time ago (i hooked up with her a while ago too), called me and was like, so i was with someone this past 7 months but im single now (tmi, i know, but this explains why she ghosted and was disgusted by my gang of savages), want to go out to kanye loves kanye. im bringing karen (hot blonde dressed as wonder woman on holloween, or some asian chick i never met). I cant remember lol.

and then my ibanker buddy was like yo lets hang. (she hooked up with jenny a yr ago). so i was like purrfectt, im going to pawn this guy to jenny while i try to get with karen.

then out of the blue monica texts and was like lets go to hermosaaa. then i told her about the kanye love kanye event and the ppl im coming with and invited her. i offered to drive her. and shes like im working out right now, but i might see you there and im bringing my cousin.

so a plan a and a plan b. im excited!! the two chicks are coming to my place in 30 min. so hopefully karen is the hot blonde wonder woman. i stil remember my first convo with her. she asked me what are you? i was like oh im filipino. then shes like i meant your costume. roflmao.

“What are you”? Hahaha, lol classic

In true AF style, I’m chilling at home, and just had a vague recollection of this thread. I’ve had one or two many bourbons and hope it’ll help me sleep better. There is a 0% chance of getting laid tonight (not that different from most nights tho). Also, I feel safe from the WC trolls at this hour. During the workday they make it inhabitable.

Have fun MFers. Please top my story.

Had a few drinks at the local dive with the boys. A group of roller derby chicks “rolled” in. Surprisingly some were actually pretty hot and very friendly. Unfortunately this guy is spoken for. Still enjoy the free shots though. Always nice to have that ego boost where some strange randomly drops you their digits but even better to go back to a fine girl lying in your bed.

Had everyone over here been hit on by a bird or had them approach you? Thats happened zero times for me, always got to make the first move and put in the effort

My mate on the other hand just has to show up and chicks are approaching him always. The vanity of our generation eh?

Hahaha, i like this guy. Telling it like is, no made up or exaggerated nonsense

It was lame monica bailed. Jenny got fat. And Karen was some random fat chick. Life sucks :slight_smile: . I did get some Newport chicks number. But Newport is a tad far so most likely never going to see her again. Barely anyone was grinding. Sad sad sad. Af night busttttt

At least you have a home. . . I’m on the McDonalds free wifi

you’re using my "I like this guy"s now?

I’ve seen minimal hot chicks tonight, this is such BS

I want some 9.3,4,5s to at least throw down some game

Damn, I failed to ask a chick for her number

She was only 8.5 but had a really good rack

I think I may have ordered too many shots for my birthday bro… he can barely walk… I did the shots too but he’s like 155

Who does shots? Keep it classy bro if you want to graduate from woo girls.

Any freaks ACE?

My man knows whats up!!

fml I’m babysitting

Yes. Yes.