AF At Night

what kind of shots?

Rumple, Tuaca

I’m in Minneapolis. Some freaks up in here boyz

my holler game is pretty good sober. it’s the dancing sober part that sometimes fucks it up.

i once went on a second date with a chick i met, but i was dd for my buddies cuz i always try to drive if im meeting a chick anywhere. anyways we were grinding, but i was pretty weak on the man-handling due to the soberness. i think too much, should i hold her hands, press her close to me, grab her butt, etc. FACK!

so the chick straight up told me that i was a lot more manlier the first time i met her. she actually regretted saying it cuz she actually likes me (she contacted me last on fb, but i ghosted her lol) but then i low key made it worse by apologizing and saying i was sober. haha

anyways you need shots though so you don’t hesitate. because by caring, you seem less manly (attractive). the old adage holds, dont think, drink. i need to work on not thinking, and be more like nike and “just do it.” with or without alcohol.

Did she get pregnant off the tinder date?

This is a schoolboy level error, Nery. If to misfire, just own it, move on and hope that it wasn’t a bad enough error for her to totally go off you.

Women wan a man who acts decisively and who knows what to do instinctively.

Don’t apologise for anything o


Headed to a Harrah’s Casino at 2am tonight. I hope the poker tables are cranking…

Allright my boys. So yesterday I was mad grinding groping and making out with a blonde dime eastern euro I think, it was a point where other dudes were like wtf!?!?!? Now I saw this chick with this weird ass nigga before, he was trying hard to make out with her lol but she resisted cuz it’s a mismatch but I thought they were friends. But at one point when she was grinding with another chick, she backed into me so naturally I pulled her in and asked for a dance. Anyways she literally licked and bit me, it was hotttttt. Then the weird nigga yanked her from me after 10 minutes of making out. Now the chick didn’t want to leave. Would you fight the weird dude or let it go? lol. This has happened to me multiple times but I’m a really nice guy. So I let that shit go.

Also there should be some bro rule that if a dude makes out a chick. It’s claimed. Cuz unless she rinses her mouth, that’s disgusting lol.

Af at night, tonight I have a big date with a chick I’ve been seeing for a month now. It’s the chick I taught to swim last week. So part 2 ignition. Toot toot. Beep beep.

He’s definitely in violation of bro code and needs to be made aware of that. Not saying you should fight him necessarily but you can’t just stand back and do nothing unless you’re willing to crack out the rusty hacksaw and get to work.

clubbing with three chicks

ridic so far

yo, yo, watched my grandson last night. sh!t was cray

So do chicks ever ask you what you are typing in your phone while you are sandwiched and dry humping them in the club? If so, you should ask them to create some logins here. They’ll get so woke after a while.

they all went to the bathroom to ‘talk’ - got on my phone during this intermission

rofl i told my date about af last week. she thought it was hilarious. how i described you guys

ridiculously smart successful and immatureindividuals. lol. i mentioned the ugly date one, some of the shit i posted here, but claimed it was some immature fuck. but really it was me. lol

mmmmm nose clams.

This blonde nurse I was with was twerking harder than I have ever seen, which is saying a lot. I generally think twerking is wayyyy trashy but it was impossible not to watch these movements.

She was relatively skinny but had a KK style butt - it was a bit too much for me but she was fun to hang out with. We are hanging out again on Saturday.

The first club was the most insane ratio I’ve probably ever encountered. My friend was DJing and it was 85% chicks. 2nd night this place was open.

twerking is a step up from grinding. it is a rare commodity to be valued. lol.

but i understand too much booty. a blonde chick once twerked on me to the point she backed me down to a wall. i tried to take the manly stance and tried to thrust my way for control, but it was so hot and i was sweating bad so i just accepted my fate and got backed down to a wall by the ass. my friend got the super skinny chick, but he actually prefers chicks with booty. so from that day on we established the preference rule where we discuss how to split chicks before approach.

ace & nerdy

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^I want in - sounds like they are having a blast.

What’s the proper “etiquette” now a days for grinding as it relates to getting hard?