AF Bucket List

Go! My list will come soon. Please keep it somewhat civil and leave ‘2 chicks at the same time’ off. This will be enlightening for us superiour analysts.

  1. Start my own business

  2. Live in Hawaii (even if it is for a short period)

  3. Play in the main event of the WSOP

Formula 1 at Monaco

24 hours of lemans

drive a gumball 3000 rally

Probably in this order.

Ski Jackson Hole

Ski Whistler

Ski Taos

Ski Alps (Chamonix, Verbier, St. Moritz at least)

Get Married

Have Kids

3 girls at same time

Finally become one with Lord Shiva.

  1. Be an extra in a movie. I don’t ever want to be an actor, but it would be cool to be a random guy in a movie who interacts with the main character for a scene.

  2. Drive the country like a white trash Clark Griswold road trip. Ideally this would occur with #3.

  3. Find the one and live happiliy ever after, have a family, coach the T-ball team, etc.

  4. Work for a cause I believe in and allow the fruits of my labor to serve the common good; not simply make rich people richer.

More to follow.

I like the idea of working to make one person richer…

Overrated. I’ve done it (soldier for a WW2 era movie during Nuremberg trials). I didn’t interact with the main character though. Sad thing is I forgot the movie’s name.

  1. Road trip across the country

  2. Skydiving

  3. Bang an NFL cheerleader

  1. Keep healthy enough to see my kid grow up and get old himself.

  2. Run a successful business.

  3. Take a year in Europe with my wife just relaxing and enjoying the culture.

  4. Write a book

  5. Teach

  1. Travel to over 100 countries (I’m at 21 now).

  2. Go skydiving

  3. Draw a picture of the prophet Muhammad on a page from the bible and watch the poop hit the fan (ideally this would be my last thing on any list)

  1. Finish hiking the Ice Age Trail with my wife

  2. Eat an apex predator of land, air, and water. The more ferocious, the better. Bonus points if I actually kill it

  3. Truly enjoy my primary job (tap dancing to work)

  4. Not need my primary job to sustain my cost of living

  5. Get in a legit pie fight

  6. Go to space

  7. Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim-to-rim (my first attempt didn’t work out as planned)

  8. Learn how to safely lead climb outdoors and take my friends on a climbing trip

I’m sure there are plenty more

  1. Backpack South America

  2. Troll famous / wealthy people – I have done this many times and it never gets old: I iced someone worth $100mm a couple of weeks ago

  3. Race fast cars

  4. Make the news with absurd quotes – this is a fun game a couple of friends and I play where we get quoted in periodicals and intentionally use slightly out of circulation words that sound funny

  5. Not go skydiving again. Did that, it was terrible LOL

  6. Make a million dollars personally on one trade that takes one day of work to crack

  7. Complete an ultra beast spartan race marathon (least likely thing on the list)

  8. Road trip across the South


Same here.

“Har Har Mahadev’.”

  1. A week in Vegas with no regard for money or morals.

  2. 6 months traveling every country in the far east.

  3. Honeymoon in Bora Bora

  4. Have kids and they turn out to have similar values / work ethic as me. Nightmare is to raise a bunch of spoiled trust fund brats.

  5. Be my own boss with money coming in faster than I can spend.

  6. Return to boxing. Probably too late to compete now so i’ll maybe run a promotions company, training / equipment fund for underpriviledged kids, or at least be involved in some way.

Some of these items are pushing the “bucket list” definition. “Banging an NFL cheerleader?” Dream yes. Bucket list? Anyhoo…

  1. Kentucky Derby

  2. Go on a road trip following the LA Kings. Preferably a Canandian cities road trip.

  3. Indy 500

  4. Fly a plane to Canada.

  5. Take a 3 month sabatical to a spanish speaking country and emerge fluent.

This has been a good exercise. I turn 50 this year and the time/money tradeoff is swinging toward having the money, but running out of time. Better get on the stick for some of these things.

  1. Be able to say, “Do you know who I am” with conviction and composure.

  2. Gumball +1. Do they do the rally any more? Someone died in the mid 2000s which I thought crimped future races. Someone was also cited for going 252mph in a juiced up M5 known as the fastest speeding ticket ever.

  3. Learn to drift a car like the Asians.

  4. Hang out with Bro in real life. Bro, explain trolling famous/wealthy people?

  5. Road trip again. Years ago I did a ‘Circle Tour’ around Lake Michigan when I was in Chitown. It was a great peacful experience and not even that expensive. Put a few miles on my SUV though.

  6. Write a book that people actually want to read! I’ve read a few autobiographies of elders I know who published a book that was a total flop.

  7. Continue mentoring/helping kids who otherwise don’t have a chance.

Funny on the bucket list, no one has yet said, “Finish the CFA and live happiliy ever after in SS ER.”

Pay off my debts cuz I am a Lannister at heart.

four chicks at the same time