AF Bucket List

cuz its mutha fudgin’ scary?

Clever, what kind of plane does he own?

I’ve dreamt of being a pilot all my life. Its definitely my dream one day to own my own plane. My unrealistic dream is to own a WW2 bird (Spitfire or BF109 preferred)

  1. Teach at university level (even if just one class as an adjunct)
  2. Marry an amazing woman
  3. Have 3-5 kids, raise them to be respectful and hard-working
  4. Kentucky Derby
  5. Take my wife to Germany, connect with family on her side and my side
  6. Live abroad for >3 months
  7. Build a custom home, own a lot of land
  8. Retire to a small town
  9. See the Nebraska Cornhuskers win a National Championship
  10. Hike Long’s Peak
  11. Own a lakehouse
  12. Own cabin in the Rockies

Yeah, I gave up on that one too.

He owns a Mooney 201. If you think of a Cessna 172 as the Ford Escort of light airplanes, this is sort of the Porsche of that type of plane (in terms of handling/performance/luxury trim/etc).

I’ve owned a couple of sailplanes in my life but never a motorplane. My hangar would be comprised of the following:


ASH-25Mi (2 seater glider with pop up motor)

Libelle H-201 (beautiful vintage glider which I used to own, classic Porsche roadster equivalent)

Brush up on my cooking and become a skilled armchair chef.

Do it!

This is my dream. But it might not be feasible.

I would like to go to Antartica and tackle a penguin landing on its back, and use him as a slip-and-slide into the ocean.