AF Fantasy Football 2012 - League full


League ID: 137146

Password: af2012

GL everyone

Looks like I’m back on the forum just in time. I’d be down for this.

I’d be down as well. Might as well try it with AF once.


I appoint numi as the league manager again lol

Haha I don’t mind being the league manager again but actually King Kong set up the payment/prize system, so he definitely did the lion’s share of the work. Therefore I nominate him to be commissioner :slight_smile:

I’m in and fine with being the commish. I’ll relaunch the league on Yahoo when I get a moment - probably early next week.

I am in again…got to get better than third last year.

I’d love to play.

That would be fantastic – thanks so much for doing this. Is it possible to invite everyone from last year first, give them a week to sign up, and then open the rest of the league to new people on a first-come, first-served basis? We did this last year and it seemed to work well in terms of attracting a good group of folks.

dude $50k buy-in is too high — we all don’t work at fidelity making $850k base — could we do $12 or $15k instead??

What are the final payouts? Is it winner takes all?

Ok it looks like only the previous year’s commissioner can renew the league on Yahoo. Numi, when you get a chance, please do so.

As far as payouts, I believe last year was $300 First Place, $100 Second Place, $50 Third Place, $50 most points in regular season.

Count me in guys

Hey king_kong, I just renewed the league and you (and other participants from last year) should have received an invite. Also once you register I can make you a co-commissioner.

How do you guys feel about doing an auction draft instead of a snake draft this year? I guess we can ask the participants once they all arrive. It would be my first time doing an auction draft but it would be something fun, something different.

Can you please send me a link as well:)

How’s b-school treating you, Numi?

cfaboston28, thanks for your interest. We’re going to send invites out to last year’s participants first to see who wants to come back, but anyone that hasn’t signed up by this weekend will open up a spot and I can definitely let you know if that happens (my guess is that it will). Just send me an e-mail to with your info.

Business school was a lot of fun! Thanks for asking. It was great educational experience and also managed to visit ten countries in four continents during that time. I graduated a few weeks ago and now I’m around in NYC, starting to ramp up for interviews on the buy-side at various investment management companies and hedge funds. What have you been up to these days?

Good to know that you are done with school. Time flies!

Things are going well. No compliants. Changed the job last year and is quite busy these days. Getting married in couple of months:)

Glad to know that you are in NYC. We should meet up once you are settled in.

King Kong, for me to give you commissioner access you have to make your e-mail address public.


How do you guys feel about the following:

Increase buy in to $75 or make it a 12 team league?

Also payouts as follows:

1st place: 75%

2nd place: 15%

Most points: 10%

Unless if we do 12 teams, then we can do payouts for top3 teams.